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Words of Encouragement

madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
 I have recently started an Internet company, while I was researching, educating and discovering the ways of the Internet I keep coming across the same problem... "BIG HUGE WALLS"... LOL 
A little about me. I am happily married with two small boys, 40 years old,
have a degree in real estate and own several small construction
oriented businesses. I like to think that I am fairly intelligent and I have a work ethic that would rival Donald Trump. I came up with the idea for my company several
years ago and decided to take a chance two years ago. I spent six
months looking all over the world putting together a small team of
programmers, graphics people and marketing gurus. This has been the
single most complicated task I have ever attempted in my entire life and
to this day I still embrace it with a smile from ear to ear. I love
everything about it!
My biggest problem is experience. I have all the "want" in the world
but not the "know how"... I am leading my team somewhat blindly and
your pointers would be invaluable. I constantly see start ups launch and begin to thrive as if God himself were helping... Is there a secret club that I don`t know about?
Why is this soooooo hard and what can I do to expedite things quicker. My number one problem is programmers. I can do and/or get anything done with the exception of programming. I have one programmer and he is drowning. Very smart and a hard worker but as you know the world changes on a daily basis and we must change with it. Does anyone have a "Ten Step" program or is there anyone out there who has made and now your goal in life is to help others "Make It"???  If so I am your guy!
Thank you so much for listening and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


madnonnie11/29/2007 4:01 PM


  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    I`m not sure whats the problem your facing, you stated something about programing, what type of program your designer are working on, and what you need the program for?

    I am looking for another programmer with experience in asp.net for starters. A partner, mentor and/or a person with unlimited disposable income.... Any of these would help greatly. That`s kind of the problem... I have alot of great ideas and now i need someone to take them from my head and build a program to match.... thank you for your comment.Realbigsource.com Will help you find exactly what you need because we connect you with suppliers & buyers in over 220 countries quickly & efficiently...

    madnonnie11/29/2007 5:34 PM
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    Are you talking about leadership, management, or motivation?

    see below... thanks for your comment as well...
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    Yes, I`m not sure what "walls" you are running into.  If it is with programming, then you might need to reevaluate your current status.  Is your programmer working out?  Do you need more than one?  Is it your own leadership that is perhaps clashing with the development process?
    Tell us what you think is holding up the progress.

    OK so here is the skinny... I don`t know what the problem is... I have a programmer that seems to be a hard worker but we move at a snails pace.... In my current line of business if I need a hole dug I find some one to do it right then. If I cant find someone I grab the shovel and dig the hole myself.  In the Internet world I cant do that. I give explicit instructions and then I sit and wait...................... and then I ask where we are (days later) and I wait some more until he is able to complete the task. I have never launched a website much less maintained one. So from time to time I am sure that I make mistakes. Everyone does right?
    What I am looking for is direction, help and/or tools that you might see that would help. I think to myself all the time " why cant I find more people like me"? I know they are out there and they have to be going through the same ups and downs as I. Wouldn`t it be great if we all pulled our resources together and helped one another. I know that this site is designed for that and I appreciate each and every person that took the time to read this. I am just frustrated and sometimes I think that there has to be another way that I am missing. I hope that you can appreciate that... 
    madnonnie11/29/2007 5:35 PM
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    WOW... That was alot... lol.... Thank you "Stuck-in-a-rut" and I get it..... That may even be me... who knows???  Point is I am an overwhelmingly positive person and I refuse to give up. I will make this work, it just might take more time and money then I would have to spend if some compassionate person out there could save me the trouble of making the same mistakes that they made and push me off in the right direction.
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you Steve.... I have been VERY successful in all my endeavors to this point. I understand what you are saying and I will give the benefit of the doubt and agree that I may be a part of the problem. I don`t think this is the case but there is always a chance. He is not lazy, he is just slow. When we first started he was very aggressive almost like a child to show me what he had done at school.... now he seems to be tired.... so I don`t want this to be a programmer bashing ... that is not the case. Bottom line is I seem to be stuck - in - a - rut... lol  I could use another cracker jack programmer and any advice the panel wants to give. Good or bad...
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    LOL thanks  Craig. It cant hurt to ask... after all it is the season for giving.. I am sure some where out there right now a person is staring at the stars thinking to themselves.... "I wish I could help one person and make a difference in the world"...  A guy can dream right...
    As for your suggestions. I am probably a year past that phase. I am very much (unfortunately) aware that this is a marathon and will take everything I have and then some. This is not my first rodeo so to speak with business just this type of business. I agree with your comment regarding "dirt excavation" lol  I was trying to give you an illustration... lol  I might have fallen short... But thanks for your thoughts. I have done everything that you are suggesting...  and then some... I am probably better off  than i give myself credit for but that`s just me.... Again I dont want this to be a programmer bashing.... It is what it is and I have to figure out how to make it work. However I would like to have Plan B if anyone out there has any advice. Thanks again!
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    OK this sounds good. I have not tried this and perhaps it might work. Do you know one that specializes in the dot com world?  My main problem I believe is two part - One: Need for another cracker jack programmer - Two: Need for guidance through the treacherous Internet waters.
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    I don`t think so and I have no idea how you got that from anything I wrote. My problem is that I don`t have the programmers I need to complete the tasks on time and I am trying to avoid pit falls that come along with this type of business.  Can you elaborate on your comment.
    By the way, I used elance.com and found it ti be filled with fraudulent people and programmers that could not produce what they said they could. If you have a small task it will work fine but we are looking for top notch programmers that Google would love to have.
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for the suggestion, he has been but hasn`t had any luck. I agree totally, the site we are building is very complex and only in phase one of five phases. We cant seem to find programmers that are experienced and/or reliable. They say they can until we start and then it is apparent very quickly that they are not able to preform to his standards. It seems all the good ones are taken... lol
    I don`t want anyone to assume that I am not thankful for your suggestions however it seems to take longer to explain our situation in a forum rather than a 20 minute phone conversation. Again we have a GREAT programmer it just seems that he is tired. We are looking for at least one more and probably two more in the near future. As for my other comment regarding guidance.... That could come from anyone at anytime. I can guarantee you that everyone here has something to offer each other whether its a name or a site or an "oh yea don`t do this"... I understand that the miracle man is not going to pop out but I would sure take the help if he did!
    madnonnie11/30/2007 12:57 PM
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2


    and CraigL ok now it sounds like we are getting somewhere. nhgnikole, I am VERY interested in any leads you might have and would greatly appreciate them! CraigL, you have hit the nail on the head! That is exactly my story with one small twist. I know what needs to done but I cant do it until I have plan B in place. I am not looking to sale, I just got started., I  could fire everyone but where would I be then. I have a great programmer he is just overwhelmed. I think I have a pretty good handle on what needs to happen. It is the implementation that is killing me. But any ideas/management consultant would be welcome!
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2


    , Good News! It looks like I found my plan B... I will let you know. nhgnikole  I would still like to have any leads on good programmers. You can never have enough great programmers ; ) Thanks to everyone who answered this thread. Your time is greatly appreciated!
  • entreplanetentreplanet subscriber Posts: 3
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