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The 10-Day Plan for Launching an E-Commerce Startup

StartupNationStartupNation Posts: 137administrator Silver Level Member

imageThe 10-Day Plan for Launching an E-Commerce Startup

Growing an e-commerce business requires careful consideration and due diligence. Follow this guide to launch your e-commerce business in 10 days!

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  • McCandlessMcCandless Boca RatonPosts: 44subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Suggestion: Find a new idea and try implement that instead of going for the marketplace based eCommerce store. There are several small players trying to setup websites and go for a marketplace model, without realizing challenges of fulfillment through sellers of various states. A functional seller support system is a must too for a marketplace model. That is always going to be an additional overhead eating into low profits in a marketplace. 

    Unless you are backed by a VC or have a billion dollars to burn through, instead start off by finding a niche in eCommerce and grow from there. Remember, the top marketplaces today(Flipkart and Amazon), both started off as niche stores for ordering books online.
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