Did you get a big boost in sales from Trade Shows?

BizsortBizsort Aurora, ONPosts: 6subscriber Member
Looking for feedback on Trade shows. Does it give big boost to sales? What do people look for most when go to Trade Shows?


  • Charles LucasCharles Lucas Posts: 6subscriber Member
    Hey Bizsort,

    A lot will depend on the type of business you are and the type of show itself.

    If attending relevant trade shows you no doubt will make some connections and should generate some sales. Were you wondering about retail trade shows to consumers? Or shows targeted towards businesses?

    For consumers if dealing in high ticket items it is fairly easy to tell who the real potential customers are versus the ones just in having a look.

    One thing I would note for shows targeting consumers is to get contact information from the ones who seem interested but do not buy at the show. Have some sort of promo/discount offer or form and just collect the leads. While this is the normal process for shows that target businesses, the same method can be effective for retail shows as well.

    With all that being said, me personally and the experience I have with the types of businesses I work with I feel trade shows are a bit antiquated in what they do. Sure as noted above you likely can make some connections and should generate some sales. But I find you can generate much more business from behind your computer or from your office nowadays without the added expense.
  • BizsortBizsort Aurora, ONPosts: 6subscriber Member
    Thank you for your insight, it seems harder to build B2B leads then B2C in general.
  • Charles LucasCharles Lucas Posts: 6subscriber Member
    @Bizsort If referring to the benefit of trade shows for B2B there generally is more potential to the shows that target businesses versus the consumer shows for the simple fact that you eliminate some amount of the people just in for a look. Research the show itself though, find out the type of businesses that generally attend and also make sure it is relevant to your business. I know this sounds pretty straight forward but I have seen some businesses which are completely irrelevant at some shows and just makes you wonder why they are there or if the show organizers were just trying to fill spaces/booths.

    Make sure you are prepared. Be sure to research your competition as well. When dealing in B2B there needs to be something that sets you apart from your competition and then focus on that point in your selling. Give yourself some leverage!

    I still fall back to my original personal opinion though for trade shows, that they just seem a bit dated in what they can accomplish when I find you can generate new business just as easy from your office now. I would look at your specific situation. If it is a local show, not much expense to attend on your end(or your not really worried about the expense) then would not be a bad idea. Since it would generate some connections and should convert to sales. Just being around other businesses, talking to others about your business and getting feedback can get you pumped up and excited, which is always a good thing.
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  • startupfounder1startupfounder1 Posts: 4subscriber Member
    I have so far used trade shows only to generate quality leads ...
  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 118subscriber Silver Level Member
    You can achieve a few objectives by participating a trade show. The common ones will be:
    1) get leads
    Give samples and get contacts

    2) increase brand awareness 
    Because people may not know your existence (product or service)
    Perform demonstration, show them how your product works ( impress them)

    3) promotion/sales
    Giving special discount to attract people to buy.

    4) know your competitors
    Know what others are offering such as price, quality and functions

    Depend what objective you want to achieve and arrange your presentation carefully.
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