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What is the best money management course for couples that are mutually involved in a small business?

Brent HBrent H subscriber Posts: 1 Member
I opened a healthcare facility 5 years ago and therefore would like to consider myself somewhere between "starting up" and "winding up". My wife has currently works for a different company but helps run my office and together we make all of the executive decisions. Recently we hit our first big milestone and quickly became overwhelmed with all the additional tasks that go into managing our finances while still saving for operational funds, taxes, wages, etc. It seems like the more we bring in the harder it is to keep it and manage it. We're both becoming somewhat frustrated because it seems like our budget gets tighter ever month, we spend less money on personal indulgences than we did 3 years ago, and yet we're producing substantially more revenue than before. We've looked into the Dave Ramsey courses and while I'm sure they are helpful I was hoping that there was something similar that was geared more for people like us that don't necessarily rely on a fixed income and aren't entirely sure what the balance sheet is going to look like month-to-month. If someone could point me in the direction of such a course or even something that I haven't thought of that might better suite our needs, I would very much appreciate it. Reviews and testimonials are always helpful, too. Thanks in advance!
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