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How about the medical/nursing needs of the aging baby boomers?

nursecarienursecarie subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2007 in Selecting a Business
My idea, was to start a staffing agency for nurses, as we all know, plain and simple, we will be short almost half a million nurses by 2020.As the baby boomers retire, there are not enough younger women coming into nursing, and I can guess why.The hours are terrible, and historically the benefits are worse.Mandatory overtime, all of these things make being a "staff nurse" very unattractive. There IS a solution, however.How can business` that are making all this money on health care forget the people that make all of their jobs possible..the nurses?My ideal is to change the face of nursing, turn back the clock, when we practiced  not just science but the art of healing.I am still having no luck with any sort of capital, but as stated earlier, if I have to begin this with 1 client, and do all of the shifts myself, I am going to make this happen.Anyone interested in lending their perspective, please feel free to do so..I can use all of the help I can get!!Carie
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