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9 Effective Marketing Practices to Boost Email Conversion Rate

Jnana S RaoJnana S Rao subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
1. Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Devices
It goes without saying that people spend more time on their mobile devices. Statistics say that over 55% emails are opened on a mobile device.

2. No Jargons, please!
Your email campaign is not about pestering your subscribers, or worse, confusing them in the first go. If you are using a lot of jargons, you will not just sound fake and persuasive, but will also turn off your subscribers.

3. A/B Testing is a MUST
A/B testing is helpful if you are looking to boost your conversion rate. You can test your email subject lines, the content, the offer you provided, the fonts, the call-to-action button, or may be your signature.

4. Placing the Elements in The Right Place
Your email is not just about the text you write. To get better results, try placing your logo on the upper left-hand side of the email. Studies reveal that people instinctively first searches for the logo in this area.

5. Create a Sales Funnel to Increase Email Conversion Rate
You have worked hard to craft an email that will convince your subscribers to visit your website or landing page. Imposing the signup tag on them immediately will drive them away. What you need is a Sales Funnel.
What can you do?
Offer discounts for early birds.
Give an option to modify the tour according to their wish.
Provide an itinerary to download.
Highlight some other packages too.
Show some reviews of other users.
Highlight images of those places.
Offer to become their trusted guide in planning a personalized trip.

6. Build Trust
You cannot send one email and expect to see a spike. You have to connect with your users in a way that they start trusting you.
While your emails should have a personalized feel, you will also need to ensure that your website has all of these:
It should be easy to verify the accuracy of all the information you provide on your website.
Make sure to provide a physical address to your website so that your visitors aren’t left doubtful of your existence.
Highlight your expertise, the services you provide and how you do it; explicitly.
Make it easy for your visitors to contact you.
Work on your website design to give it a professional look and feel.

7. Use Auto-responders for Opt-ins
Your readers will not remember you by one email. Even if you argue that they have subscribed to get newsletters, it is more likely that they have forgotten. So, it is a good practice to set up an auto-responder. It will automatically remind people of their subscription to your channel.

8. Communicate Clearly
Your email should have all the needed details about the product or services. Suppose you are introducing a new feature for your product.You need to tell exactly what they will get in upgrading the product, and how great it will be. The screenshots or GIFs or a video will trigger visual response.

9. Redirect Subscribers to Website: Skip THIS
Yes. You read it right. If you need your users to make a transaction (like renewing a subscription, or paying a bill, etc.favor), you can include the option to start the transaction within your email itself. You can skip the step of redirecting them to your website where they will need to sign in and then go to the payment page, etc. Cutting it short will not just save time, it will also be hassle-free. This will work in favor. If you are reducing the hassles for your users, you are silently getting brownie points!


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