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An Entrepreneurial "Freak Out"

CARENatNMICARENatNMI subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2007 in Marketing
Hi All,I`ve read and listened intently for the past 6+ months to all of the excellent advice provided by this community. I am very grateful not only for the information and resources but also the inspiration!Just a little background...  My products are Autographicals™, changeable magnetic art designs that are beautiful on cars, appliances, in the office, the dorm, etc.  I have a utility patent pending on them and as you can see above, have trademarked my brand name.I have invested in inventory of my first 6 designs and my website was completed a little over a week ago.  www.autograhpicals.comUnfortunately, I don`t know if I`m experiencing a bit of an "anti-climatic meltdown" but after sending out a professionally worded "announcement" to about 140 folks, I`m only averaging about one order a day...  I didn`t expect the world to beat a path to my door immediately, but as everyone along the way was so encouraging, I guess I expected folks to pass on my web site info. as "the next big thing".My website developer told me that although everything is coded correctly, it takes weeks or months to get the search engines to recognize new sites, regardless of optimization.  Is this true in your expericenc?  If I type autographicals into search on Yahoo, for example, the site doesn`t come up at all, even though there`s just a page and a half of returns.  Since the name is new and unique, I would have thought it would be easier to distinguish and more quickly recognized.I`d tremendously appreciate input regarding what is realistic to expect at this point.  I`ve engaged a marketing company to help promote my product and I`ve been told it can take six months min. to get the word out.  I`m just not sure what to do to get a jump start on visability and sales.  Is pay-per-click is the next thing for me?  Is there a way to be sure the search engines can find me?  Your input would be appreciated! Caren KatzPresidentNo Middle Initial, Inc.www.autographicals.com 


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I like them and the website, how it changes colors..some colors make it a wee hard to read, but i love the design. I think that if you have more options, that it may appeal to more buyers, can folks order a custom design? I see that you have been putting out press releases, that is very good...are you optimizing them for the web and doing followups with journalists? Also a local press coverage would help. I think the pricing is reasonable. I think you should cut yourself a break if you just launched 6 weeks ago. I also think if you hit the local truck and car stores..you could sell to them or maybe the online stores like that.
    I know there are a many folks that sell retail on here and I am sure they will chime in to give you some great ideas and suggestions from their experience. Overall I think your site looks great, I love the product...just have to get out and start talkin it up and getting it out there in front of as many people in your target as you can.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Craig, Thank you for such a great post, it was very insightful and so true!!
  • My website developer told me that although everything is coded correctly, it takes weeks or months to get the search engines to recognize new sites, regardless of optimization.  Is this true in your expericenc? 

    I found this to be absolutely true with my website - it took six months before I showed up, even with typing in my name. With my blog, I got recognized in Google almost immediately.
    My understanding is search engines prefer blogs because:
    1. The technology behind the design is essentially the same in all blogs (unlike websites) so search engine "spiders" can read them better.
    2. Blogs are updated more regularly so the spiders keep coming back looking for fresh content.
    You many want to consider adding a blog to your site. Not only will it help with with search engine ranking, it will give readers a reason to keep coming back, even if they don`t need your product immediately.
    Hope this helps.
  • I believe the book you`re referring to is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • CARENatNMICARENatNMI subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you all so much for taking the time to offer truly sage and varied advice. I`m greatful.   Having a group of professionals such as yourselves as a sounding board is one of the best things about Start Up Nation.  As I`m sure you all know, this type of endeavor is somewhat isolating, even with friends and family around...Some of what you`ve suggested, is already in the works: targets are 18-25 and women 18-55.  Working towards those groups with Marketing and PR, contests, etc.  Distribution targets are set, I just need to get my retail packaging done so I have something to walk into the stores with...  I will think hard about what you`ve each suggested, put into motion as much as feasible and report back.  Thanks especially for helping me through my momentary "meltdown". Best,Carenwww.autographicals.com
  • floraandfaunafloraandfauna subscriber Posts: 3

    Perhaps you could also find a way to target people who need something special made for a specific occasion, for instance a `just married` magnet.
    I`m curious what `marketing company` you`ve employed as I have often wondered about it. I`d also like to hear if you see any results from them, if you think it`s worth the investment.
    www.floraandfaunapress.comfloraandfauna12/12/2007 4:28 PM
  • CARENatNMICARENatNMI subscriber Posts: 1
    Since a die needs to be made for each design, it isn`t feasible to make them individually.  Down the road, however, in addition to seasonal designs, the plan is to have themes, perhaps like as you suggest.  The only thing I need to mention is that my vision is to keep these "art designs" and not move into the already saturated soccer and volley ball magnet market.  We`re working on a Valentine`s design now and hope to be promoting it by next mo....Re: marketing, I don`t know where you are located, but I`ve gone with The Business Development Group in Garden City, NY.  Lucy Rosen, the principal, is a powerhouse!  Since it`s only been a couple of months and much of that has been waiting for the website to be up to start sending out the press releases, ask me again two months down the road...Again, thanks to all who`ve helped!CarenNo Middle Intial, Inc.www.autographicals.com
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