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adaada subscriber Posts: 2
I am the owner of a family business where my daughter  has been employed for 6 years & is administer & in charge of finances. Her husband & my son came to work 18 months ago.  I just discovered that she has been using the company credit cards to write off her personal family expenses & taking some cash out of the daily cash deposits for the past several years. She has admitted to this & is remorseful & wants to repay the debt. Should I forgive & allow her to pay & remain?


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    uaniluanil subscriber Posts: 1
    In my persona opinion, I would not allow her to run the business or be apart of it in any manner.  Stealing is stealing and doing this for several years is not only illegal and a major criminal offense, but a major break of trust.  What is a person worth if you can not trust them.  A family member may have some level of felxibility but to steal out right and for several years.  I don`t care who you are my personal opinion would be have her repay the loan/missing money and not have her run the business.  Fro any bad deed there must be a punishment.
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    CheerDirectorCheerDirector subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree.  Yes, require her to repay the debt.  Treat it like you would treat it if she wasn`t family.  "I love you, I forgive you, I want to maintain a great relationship with you, but you will have to find employment elsewhere."
    In the long run, our kids want us to be moral role models.  What would you tell her if she was in the same situation?
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    TomCoxTomCox subscriber Posts: 0
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