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Marketing and Sales Lead Generation..

EtonbridgeEtonbridge subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2011 in Sales
I'm after some advice on marketing and sales lead generation. Basically, my company, Etonbridge Consulting, is starting to build a reseller arm. We specialise in technology consultancy, but see this as going hand in hand with selling the hardware. By managing the whole project lifecycle, from specification, through purchasing ending up with implementation, we have a better idea of availability and price and can be aggressive on budget. So, in short, I really want to build the reseller side as a separate arm of the business as just selling to consulting clients isn't going to make this arm sustainable. It's only going to be icing on the cake if this is the route we take. What I really want to do is to concentrate on marketing the product and to create fruitful lead generation throughout the UK. We've built some very strong links with distributers and have competitive pricing and as a result, I'm comfortable that we can compete on a level with existing resellers, especially if combined with the value-add from the consultancy side. Basically, I think we have a great product!! What I am severely lacking is the ability to grow this side of the business. There's no point in having a great product if nobody knows about it. How do companies go about this? Do they cold-call, which seems a random, hit and miss way to go about things? What I would prefer is to work with a specialist on a commission basis, in order to build a client base. Is this a feasible way to do things? I'm in that catch 22 position of not really having the budget to hire somebody for this role until the business grows, but I can't grow the business until I have this function.. Sound familiar? By working on a commision basis, hopefully I can address both budget and growth... I'm really interested to have input from whoever has been through this. I'm also interested to hear from specialists with interesting or creative proposals to make this happen. Thanks in advance.


  • DocRayDocRay subscriber Posts: 0
    You face the same problem that each businessman has faced it seems forever lasting however there is hope. Even with your budget condition. The information you have received is cold impersonal at best, and no one has the time or patients to listen to those recording, do you? Most and the vast majority just hang up the phone and frown, is this how you want your company represented? I think not. I would like to discuss a plan that works for you. Call me some time or check out my web site. www.moneydwf.com
    760-246-8129 10:30 to 4:00 Pacific Time Good luck to you
  • josegordon123josegordon123 subscriber Posts: 0
    Trying to get a specialized lead generation service might be the solution for you. I wouldn't recommend call calling because you might be able to generate a lot of leads that way, but it won't generate targeted customer base that will bring in long lasting results.
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