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Online Auction Site

calvincalvin subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member
edited April 2006 in Protecting Your Ideas
My name is Calvin and I`m a young and aspiring entrepreneur.  I`m new to the site and just wanted to commend all of you for the amount of support you provide to each other.  Hopefully I can be a long standing member and contributor as well.
I have a question about a possible online opportunity.  I have identified a sector in everyday living that could really benefit from an online auction site.  I`ve scoured through the net and from what I`ve found, a site like this has not been developed yet.
Also, since this kind of site has not be established yet, is there any type of patent I can acquire to protect this idea?  The site will be an auction site simlimar to EBAY but for a specific niche.  It would be sort of a brokering service that puts people together.  Also, it will be localized for various cities so people could use the service that pertains to their specific city.   
My concern is that I have no experience in web.  I have no problems farming out the development of the site, but I have no idea what type initial investment is needed to establish an online auction site. 
If anyone with any type of web biz experience could chime in, I`d greatly appreciate it!  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks again!!!


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    theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    Hi Calvin!
    Welcome aboard.As far as patentability, it`s hard to determine whether your idea is patentable, or not, with the info you provided. (Although, I understand your reluctance.) I will say that patents do exist in your category--Ebay is currently in a patent battle with another company (forget the name) about online auctions. However, maybe you have another take on it that is novel and nonobvious. So, there are some fine books and guides out there. I`d consult with them. Or keep an eye on more posts.Also, if you have no experience with the web, I`d try to learn more and start working your network. You found your weakness. Find someone that has those skills and believes in your idea to partner with.One last thing--I`m glad you picked StartUp Nation!Matt S.
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    tclaibornetclaiborne subscriber Posts: 1
          I have been selling heavily on Ebay since 1999. Many competitors have come and gone since then and most have failed miserably. I don`t say this to discourage you...simply to suggest that you will need something very unique in functionality and purpose....just another auction site (even with a niche market) is going to be very tough.....you might even be able to use Ebay or an Ebay store as a tool....not sure what you are envisioning
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