Looking for partners to join music based online business

bobdobelinabobdobelina WarringtonPosts: 6subscriber Member
I have a website, https://soundblab.com/

I'd like to expand this website in an unconventional way. I want to create a kind of co-operative business where anyone with a great idea can build upon it.

You might have an idea for a great music related online business. Instead of starting from scratch, bolt that idea onto Soundblab. Then imagine that we continue to do this with other people and their ideas. Each new feature will attract traffic that all parties can benefit from.

You would still own the majority of your own business model but collectively we would all own shares in Soundblab.

Together we would be stronger.

Soundblab has been established for 8 years and over this time we have made connections across the music industry and are well respected by record labels.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment. I will review in a few days and reply.
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