Small Investment?

maengmaeng Posts: 2subscriber Member
Guys I am looking for an investment where it involve only payment of small bills like web hosting and email marketing software and I take care of the rest. And he will own 15% of all sales and profit. Total investment requires only couple hundred dollar.
But I just can’t find people who are interested in small investment.

How do I find people who are willing to invest small amount?


  • juninvest77juninvest77 Posts: 1subscriber Member
    Hello ,
    I am Jun Jin Am willing to venture into profitable business with you also willing to deal with you in trust and confidence ...Am an investor keen on investing in lucrative, calculated viable business, either by partnership or as a financier. in Cash, Fixed interest, Shares , Property. I will welcome any profitable business plan/proposal (Long or short term). I will be investing independently.
    To proceed, let me have your business plan/proposals
    ( [email protected] )

    Jun Jin
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