what type of license do i need?

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i`ve been doing quite a bit of research, but can`t quite figure out what type of license is required for my business.
i`m developing an online auction business for real estate properties.  in a nutshell, i`m a broker.
i`m in the process of getting an RE license, but don`t know what else i need to run my online auction site.
can any of you shed some light on this?


  • StartupLawGuyStartupLawGuy subscriber Posts: 2
    The authority to require licensing for engaging in a profession generally comes from either the state or local governmental jurisdiction in which you reside and/or intend to operate your business.  Check up with both your state and local government and see if anything is required.  I know that in Chicago, there are specific professions/businesses that need city licensing, but if a business doesn`t fall within those enumerated, it needs a "general" business license.  Maybe your locality has something similar?
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