Is it hard to start online business with $1. Not freelancing?



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    There is an old Chinese saying: Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. So if you really want to do something, there is nothing hard for you.

    If you think something is hard, there are two reasons as follows:

    1 Not confident

    Most people has no or little confidence in himself, so whenever he came across some difficulties, he will lose heart and give up quickly.

    2 The thing is really hard

    Something is really hard for learning or doing, at this moment, you can just try your best to do it, that's OK.

    Actually,  the online business is not hard at all, if you have seen the following tips.

    1  Learn from your competitors

    If you know yourself and your enemy well,you'll never be defeated. So learn from the competitors about their online marketing methods, operations, profit model and so on. You can benefit a lot from it.

    2 Learn some online marketing skills

    There are a lot of marketing skills and Free resources, like SEO, SEM, blogs, forums, social media, articles, press release and so on. If you can use 3 of them well, you can get more exposures and sales from the search engine.

    3 Constantly sum up and review

    After a while, you can sum up the online marketing effect and know which method is the most suitable for the products. Review your work and track the effects, and improve it in the near future, you can make a big progress.
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