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A very strange problem i face with my start up proposal..can anyone help

PravinKarthikeyanPravinKarthikeyan subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I have been working for last 3 years offline on my start up idea. It has got a specific target group audience and has high market potential in present scenario. The set up cost is coming around 20 lacs. Its a monthly subscription based educational product (having a specific target group of over 2 lac audience) . Now the problem i face is despite considering the volume of target audience as just 1 lac and a conversion ratio of mere 7% (after the marketing)the returns are coming very high (As high as 10% of returns per month). It sounds alarmingly exaggerated on papers that people with whom i share this proposal they are finding it hard to believe.How to work it out ideally on papers to make it look more realistic ?


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited February 2017
    Welcome to the community, @PravinKarthikeyan

    Is there a way to show them your returns through action rather than through pieces of papers? If they're having a hard time believing your returns are so high in theory, you may have to find a way to physically prove it to them. 

    For some people seeing is believing, for others, believing is seeing. It might be hard for certain people to quantify something based on a static piece of paper. If you can show them real-time analytics, or recent analytics, then it might be easier for them to believe. But if you're working offline, then arte you even tracking analytics? 
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