Phone Phishing Scams - Is Your Business Prepared?

Phone Phishing Scams are on the rise again and are targeting ALL type of businesses.  There are various / multiple types of schemes and too many to list here! 

For those who are not familiar with phone phishing scams, they contact your business with the intent to gather confidential information, use scare tactics, and play on your emotions to extract information or funds from you.

I have put a short list together of how to prepare your business against any phone phishing scam:

  1. Document and Implement clear cut policies/procedures on interfacing with contractors, salesman, soliciting, etc. 
  2. Familiarize management/staff with some of the phone phishing schemes.
  3. Establish designated personnel to release specific information.
  4. Know how to properly release information without feeding the wolves!
  5. Gather as much information about the caller, the conversation, any ethnicity, etc.
  6. Know when to hang up or call the police
  7. Know who your contractors/vendors are.
  8. Know the status of your company...i.e., are you behind on property taxes, utilities, etc. ( they exploit this too)
  9. Contact local law enforcement if you feel your business has been victimized and make a report?
  10. Communicate with local business owners and law enforcement to know what is going on in your area! 

Any feedback or similar experiences would be welcome!

John Ridgeway
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