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Networking and Referrals

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    caroldeckertcaroldeckert subscriber Posts: 0
    When you attend networking events, you should NOT be there with the intention of giving or receiving referrals.  Networking events are the opportunities to meet people.  With a small amount of get acquanted dialogue you can determine who you would like to get to know more about.
    Don`t fall into the trap of "pushing" your business card to everyone you know.  If you are handed a business card, take it graciously and put it in your pocket.  Hand out your cards to only those that you really want to stay in contact with and only after they request to have one of your cards.  When you return home or to the office, go through the cards and determine who you would like to know more about.  The pile that you don`t want to know more about should immediately be thrown away so that your time is not wasted.
    Call those that you are interested in or send a handwritten note, thanking them for talking with you and suggesting you get together for coffee, lunch, whatever.  As the relationship develops, thatis when you begin to THINK about referring business. 
    Networking is all about building relationships.  If you think that they have something of value that your client(s) need or want or even may be interested in, contact your client and find out.  If the response is positive, request permission from your client to have your referral get in touch with them.
    If you are only starting in the arena, it`s best to learn to do it right.  Your business will definitely prosper if referrals are passed correctly.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have - that`s what I do - I am a Networking Coach!
    Yours in networking,
    Carol DeckertNetworking CoachReferrals Unlimited Networkcarol@runlancaster.com
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