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Best idea yet. Used car dealership called Rockstar Automotive

SmartRacoonSmartRacoon subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in Selecting a Business
Im planning on starting a used car lot, but its not just any used car lot. Its going to be mostly japanese imported and modified american cars. Think fast and the furious, for the average joe. Im going to buy parts in bulk, install as many of them as i can, (of course hire a few mechanics), and hope for the best.
Sounds like a dream, but Ive got it planned out.
First, i get the cars from the irs (impounded cars) where they sell for way less than i can find anywhere else.
After i get the car, i evaluate what i can put on the car to make it really stand out while still keeping the price between 4-10k. Car modifications im going to be putting on are lambo doors, suicide doors, racing fuel cap, floating hood, reverse hood, body kit, new gauges that match the cars color scheme, gull wing doors, shaved doors, push button start, floating trunk, reverse trunk, ferrari doors (conversion kit), angle eye headlights, halogen headlights, drifting kits, body decals, new paint if the car needs it, smoke machine/s, nos, exaust system, tinted windows, racing seats, dvd players, turbo or supercharger, sub woofers, lowered suspension. and any interior work that needs done. (this is just the list of modifications ive thought up now, there will likely be more)
the target market is of course the younger generation that cant get enough of these kinda cars.
a pretty nice perk of the job is that many younger kids will love these cars so much they try and buy them even if they dont have the money. the car gets reposessed, i get the money and the car back.
Anyways. Thats my idea. Just thought it up last night at about 2 am. And of course ive never had any business training or expierence, so what im asking for is people to point out the flaws in my idea so i can correct them. Thanks for all of your advice


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