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Is branding necessary?

SunbirdCreativeSunbirdCreative subscriber Posts: 4 Member
A lot of entrepreneurs think branding is a fancy term for big-budget luxury businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In my time as a blogger/writer for small businesses, I saw many entrepreneurs spinning their wheels with websites and content marketing strategies that were, at best, half as effective as they could have been. They lacked clarity. They lacked consistency. They lacked personality. Their marketing materials were more confusing than persuasive. Not because the design or the writing was bad, but because the designer or writer was not given a strategy or brand identity to base their work on!

A graphic designer and I started Sunbird Creative to fill in the gap between expensive agencies and ad hoc freelancers. Because we believe that strategic branding matters. When businesses invest in branding, they're sowing trust -- the bedrock of all sales.

What do you think? Has branding (or the lack thereof) affected your business?


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited January 2017
    Perhaps smaller businesses do neglect branding, or don't put enough effort into it. In reality, branding can help with not only getting your company's name out there, but it also positions the business in its industry. Same with a good grassroots public relations campaign. These are not things you have to have a huge budget for, but it does take time and effort. Even thinking about the right business name needs more attention that one might think. 

    Every startup is different, and has different needs. Some may pay more attention to branding, or some may want to nail down the operations side of things first. There are so many different aspects of starting a business, it can often be hard to prioritize. There is not a one-size fits all strategy, but branding should be part of the business plan, especially in the early stages. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
  • rachelescorachelesco subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Branding helps guide a business' personality and to develop a voice that resonates with their target audience.
  • ElexalexElexalex subscriber Posts: 56 Bronze Level Member
  • sinGNsinGN subscriber Posts: 116 Silver Level Member
    yes branding is necessary for every business.it is the most important foundational pieces of establishing a business.branding is about bringing out the personality and style in your business with flair and intention.branding is a inspirational process for businessman.
  • Dmitry MitrofanovDmitry Mitrofanov subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Branding and marketing are tools which create a basis for a sale. No marketing and branding - no clients to come. Thats's why they are essential and required.
  • Dmitry MitrofanovDmitry Mitrofanov subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Dose your project works and gives you clients? Very good idea.
  • Billy ProBilly Pro subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience…everything from your logo, your website, your social media experiences, the way you answer the phone, to the way your customers experience your staff. When you look at this broad definition of branding, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about what is involved in your brand.

    In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you.
  • Steve Nichols, MSSteve Nichols, MS subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    edited April 2017
    Branding is essential because it differentiates you in the marketplace. There are many different companies that sell the same or similar products and services, but what makes them stand out from their competition is their branding.

    For instance, I'm one marketing consultant in a sea of marketing consultants. All of us essentially offer the same thing: letting people know about the benefits of your products and services. What makes me different is my emphasis on clear, concise, and compelling communications to build relationships with clients based on trust. I emphasize this through the marketing content I create and share as well as all other aspects of my brand.
  • Adam JonesAdam Jones subscriber Posts: 124 Silver Level Member
    Brand is not a product or logo — brand is an idea people have about something and it exists only in human mind. Brands are important because those ideas in your mind determine your attitudes and actions. You see — when people had the idea that earth is flat they even did not think circumnavigating it.

    Business is all about profit but in order to make profit you need to have loyal clients. But for the loyalty to emerge you need to establish relationships with your customers. But relationships by definition can exist only between two personalities. So the main task of branding is to create personality to which people can relate and then develop relationship between people and brand (in the form of personality). Therefore brand has to be like a personality — unique, consistent, homogenous, have attitude and set of values — just like any human being has. And brand has to communicate in order to express himself. You want your brand to become great — think what great personalities do and adapt those techniques to your brands personality.
  • RoshniRoshni subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Yes brading plays a very good roll. If you do proper branding then it will surely helpful to your business
  • Adam JonesAdam Jones subscriber Posts: 124 Silver Level Member
    Branding is the key to any company, whether they sell coffee or industrial parts or clothing. But convincing your organization or clients that branding is necessary for all components of their business to succeed can be a bit more difficult than deciding exactly what colors best represent their brand mission.

    4 Key Reasons is mentioned to Why Branding is Important...

    1. Branding provides a competitive advantage
    2. Brands provide a stable asset
    3. Brands provide economic value
    4. Brands set expectations

    At the heart of branding is the promise that is made by the organization to the audience.

  • DigitalDocktorDigitalDocktor subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Branding isn't a luxury, it's a necessity...like air! At DigitaldocKtor.com, we see small businesses every day that are struggling because they haven't done enough to set themselves apart form the competition. They haven't established a Unique Value Proposition or created a reason to Believe that they can use to engage new customers. At its essence, branding enables you to do these things and develop an identity that customers can trust and engage with. Without a brand, you're a commodity seller dealing on price. That's not a sustainable business position for most businesses....
  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Well-spoken, @DigitalDocktor
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
  • Steffi DsouzaSteffi Dsouza subscriber Posts: 98 Silver Level Member

    A brand represents the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. When all of these parts of the business are working well, the overall brand tends to be healthy. On the flip side, we all probably know a company that offers excellent products or services, but has a tarnished brand due to poor customer service.

    Let’s take a look at the important ways a strong brand impacts your business:
    1. Branding Improves Recognition
    2. Branding Creates Trust
    3. Branding Supports Advertising
    4. Branding Builds Financial Value
    5. Branding Inspires Employees

  • eilisyseilisys subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Yes Branding is necessary about bringing the personality and style in your business with flair and intention.
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