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Hello all, 

There are several new or merged categories from our previous forums. A lot of these new categories and topics have very little content in them currently, so show them some love and help our forum grow! 

Here is a list of the new or upcoming topics (parent forum in parenthesis) 

Freelance (Gig Economy)
-Sharing Economy (Gig Economy) 
-Side Hustles (Gig Economy)
-Outsourcing (Gig Economy) 
-Social Media Marketing (Marketing) 
-Inspiration and Motivation (Personal Growth)
-Thought Leadership (Personal Growth) 
-Well-Being (Personal Growth) 
-Success Stories (Personal Growth)
-E-Commerce (Doing Business on the Web) 
-Women In Business (Like-Minded People)
-Millennials (Like-Minded People) 

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