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Alternative fundraising for business and charity

cadam33cadam33 subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Startup Funding

Introducing Fundraiser 1.0
Fundraiser 1.0 is designed to help organizations (For-profit or Non-Profit), entrepreneurs, and income seekers with alternative solutions to raise funding or capital online. Bedzzz Inn, Inc raised more than $92,867 in capital in 90 days online without the need for banks, investors, and grants. Fundraiser 1.0 has been upgraded with some added features to help entrepreneurs raise more funding globally with new methods in the Back Office. "Fundraiser 1.0 is heading towards becoming the platform for more than 2,000 businesses and entrepreneurs in raising funds or capital online without leaving their homes or businesses. The Internet is the future, why not use it to raise money" (JR Watkins, CEO).
This is the best way to fund your business and after your business gets funded the money keeps coming in for inventory or other expenses you may have. Go to >> http://www.cloakbots.com/0r5/ <<  and start funding your business today!
For those that are skeptical :This is not a MLM, ponzi scheme or an illegal way to raise funds. This is an affiliate program and I invite you to check it out and investigate all you like.
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Questions ? Adam   [email protected]
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