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Which technique is best for Email Marketing ?

ElexalexElexalex subscriber Posts: 56 Bronze Level Member
edited January 2017 in Marketing
Hy Friends
i am running taxi and minicabs company in London, we are providing Balham airport transfers services would you tell me please which email marketing techniques are best for my business


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    aman15aman15 subscriber Posts: 1

    Email marketing isn't that tough as it appears, the important things is writing messages that will spark a conversation between you and the potential client.

    The aim for a cold e-mail is:
      to get people interested (instead of aiming to sell only) to show you're likeable and straightforward to recognise a pain a propose a solution to include only the most important information (highlights) effectively calling to action
      Forget about long essays, keep it short&sweet Say why you're writing ("I'm from {company}, from your website I see that you might be looking to outsource your copywriting") Brag (obviously, just a bit though - "We help companies boost productivity, we already did it for {company} and {company}, helping them finish projects quickly") Effective call-to-action (be straightforward - "Do you have 15 minutes this week for a Skype call?"

    Hope this is somewhat helpful to you.
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    harryventharryvent subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member
    Email marketing is high ROI method. Write directly what services you're offering to customers, provide any benefits or special gifts for new customers, try to apply visual image like infographics. It is more effective and simple way.  

    But sometimes spam may occur when you're launching email, so this problem can resolve with the email marketing tool. It can assists to reduce spam mail, this offer tracking feature so get the status of every mail and a lot of useful features available. Some service providers are Mailchimp, Aweber, Apptivo, Constant contact. 

    All the best.
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    RadioConsultantRadioConsultant subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member
    You can use a - simple - marketing automation setup to optimize email messages: it will help you with the optimized content, timing / schedule and you will be able to track the messages: who (which addressee) read them and when - for example.
    Beyond this one can analyse the results and improve them with built in machine learning algos...
    SIRSoft: Small business consulting http://www.sirsoftconsulting.com
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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    @RadioConsultant, great points. Inbound marketing strategies, persona building and machine learning all important to email marketing in 2017. Some inbound marketing platforms are expensive, though, and if you can't afford those services, it's awfully hard to build something similar from scratch without a lot of resources. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    chariotsoffirechariotsoffire subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Possibly the best email marketing is if you have your past customer email addresses. You can maintain contact with your customer base and generate sales by reminding them of your services or offering them discounts. I used to work with eCommerce companies and a monthly newsletter with information was a way to connect with your clientele. Popular companies used were Constant Contact and Mail Chimp.
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    davidfederaldavidfederal subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    best technique should be go with targetted traffic
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    Bo CongdonBo Congdon subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    There is been some good points above, but your overall goal with email marketing should be to provide HIGH VALUE content to your subscribers that gains their interest that makes them want to keep coming back to read your emails. You should also make it a habit to send them daily. There are SO many techniques and best practices out there, i would highly recommend getting this book as it will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to growing your business online and teaching you how to do email marketing

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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    You are right @bo congdon, high value content and offers should always be the point of your email blasts. However, I think frequency varies based on company size and audience engagement. One company may find that sending daily email blasts is highly engaging, while the other gets better results from sending weekly email blasts. Maybe a company has set up email blasts in workflows, based on certain actions by each user. 

    Based off of its research, HubSpot recommends sending 16 to 30 email blasts each month: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/email-open-click-rate-benchmark#sm.0000anetz51c27edkz76v2rebpmnh

    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    sinGNsinGN subscriber Posts: 116 Silver Level Member
    Best techniques of email marketing are listed below
    1.personalize your email without using the recipient's name
    2.The long and short of subject lines
    3.8:00 p.m to midnight is the prime time to send your email 
    4.The best content is free  content
    5.Mobile opens accounts for 47 percent of all email opens
    6.Email still reigns over facebook and twitter
    7.Send email on the weekends
    8.Re-engage an inactive group of subscribers

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    nadynnnadynn subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    if you want to run an effective email marketing campaign, you need to design a profrssional looking newsletter
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    euruseurus subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member
    Email marketing itself is a technique, so I ain't sure what is the point of your question.
    But if you ask suggestion for advices, I willingly help you.
    At first, get a customer data base. Then determine what is your target customer. After that, make a content that is relevant to your target customer (based on their insight, hobby, habit,.. something like that). Finally, choose a good email platform that can automate your email marketing process.
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    Syn GatesSyn Gates subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    I think A/B testing is the best because it helps you to optimize Email campaigns
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    Jnana S RaoJnana S Rao subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    Hey Elexalex,

    Email Marketing platform is suitable for all Business; in case of Taxi and Cab Services - this works at better pace! You would have valid Customers database and since they already know your service, your job is much more simplified ;)
    The simple hacks could be
    - Triggering subject lines
    - Segment subscribers based on their attributes and send personalized emails with great content
    - Special discounts & offers for a dedicated duration
    - Last but not the least using a right Email Marketing platform is crucial as other elements.
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    Steffi DsouzaSteffi Dsouza subscriber Posts: 98 Silver Level Member
    Why is an effective email marketing strategy so important? An email marketing strategy is part of your overall marketing strategy and business plan.
    this question is asked many times,So here is why it's important.
    It helps you market your products and services with the use of the email channel with the best chances for making a profit and reaching your goals.
    an email campaign is a coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to escalate a persuasive argument to purchase, subscribe, download, etc.
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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited May 2017
    Well said, @Steffi Dsouza. Email marketing must be done tactfully, and must be relevant to your business and brand. It is the easiest way to reach your entire customer/user base with one piece of collateral, but you still must make each user feel that they are being specifically talked to. Personalization tokens, such as "Hello, Ryan" at the beginning, which can be auto-generated by most email software clients, helps. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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