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If your thinking about starting a business or expanding and existing one,

a Business Plan is essential.

Why have a business Plan?

A business plan has a two fold reason for development.

(A) * It is a objective outline for a projected period of time, usually about five years.

* It is a study for success which defines your goals, ideas, strategies, management tool, and competition.

* A Business Plan is your roadmap to success.

(B) A business Plan is a “funding proposal” tool to present to banks, friends or ‘investors. The Business Plan shows that reasonable thought, research and the ability to run a successful business is possible.

 Hello, I am Jim and I have bee retired for over seven years. I have had several business and written business plans for all of them. I even landed two SBA loans.

 I am bored and  am starting to lick the paint off the walls, so I am hanging out ny shingle to offer my services to write your business plan. I will say you must be included in the writing process for it to work for you.

 I will send you my little booklet in PDF format 

Good luck what ever you do. 

Send to

Bzplanwriter9/3/2008 7:12 PM
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