I will coach 3 people for free

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Hi, I am a productivity coach in Portugal and I have always done my coaching sessions in Portuguese language.
I would like to improve my english to start coaching clientes world wide, and for the matter, I would like to coach 3 people by Skype, and I will do it for free.

-The coaching sessions are done one-to-one.
-I will do a complete coaching process with every person, wich is done over the course of 6 sessions.
-Every session is done by Skype and usualy take 1 hour.
- I am a certified coach .
- I will do it absolutely for free, in order to train my coaching skills in english.

I also have experience in business coaching and I can do it as well.
I wrote about self-improvment and entrepreneurship for several sites and magazines in Portugal.

You can find me here:


If you would like to be coached by me for free, please contact me and we will help each other.
Thank you.
José Lança.


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