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How can I find an investor?

andrei123andrei123 subscriber Posts: 3
edited December 2016 in Startup Funding
Its for an egaming venture with an investment of 40k
The money is not for me but for the company we are going to own, and I have a business and marketing plan with in depth analysis. Its for launching an online sportsbook and live casino.


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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Hi, Andre:

    What country are you in? It is illegal to operate an online sportsbook in the U.S.
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    andrei123andrei123 subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks, the company will be based in Malta and of course I m not going to take bets from the USA and any other jurisdiction where online gambling is considered illegal. However its legal in most parts of the world, so there is a huge market for this.
    Moreover I have as a project further the idea of entering into the Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh markets offering betting on cricket as none sports book in the world offers this service. And much much more.
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    annerobertsanneroberts subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    It depends from which country are you from and what is your business .Then you will get investors that will fund your start-up and and raise the money you need to grow your business.
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    hodtrusthodtrust subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    I need angel investor for my new online payment business ideas,this is a new revolution of payment injection into the new era of global online payment system,

    Mcash Digital Payment system, it has 14 dedicated service channels that covers all global consumers demand why others like PayPal,skrill,webmoney,perfectmoney etc has just 3 or in most cases 2.

    This project is key to the next generation of global online transactions, but I really need a suggestions,thanks everyone!!!
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    BusinessPlanUpBusinessPlanUp subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Try some angel investment websites
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    McCandlessMcCandless subscriber Posts: 52 Bronze Level Member
    If you have a product and have incorporated a company, I would recommend to list your company at startup directory like AngelList (AngelList) so that your company profile can be found by VCs, angel investors and you may be approached by them if your product/idea is sound enough.

    On the other hand, equity crowdfunding is also a choice nowadays. You can find a list of SEC-registered equity funding portals via the FINRA's website: https://www.finra.org/about/funding-portals-we-regulate
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    RuvyRuvy subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    i am a teenager ..and i need a private investor for my online business..where can i find one
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Angel investors are high net worth individuals who are interested in helping small startups financially. They provide similar startup financing as venture capitalists but in smaller amounts. 
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    Arsalan SajidArsalan Sajid subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Finding an investor depends on the funding stage you are at - are you looking for seed money? Series A? Further than that? 

    If you're in the early stages, which your question suggests, you could start looking for potential investors in your region, or your country, in case the region is too small. Attend networking events, meet other startup founders regularly and ask them where they go for funding. Try to get through to the line of investors who could potentially be interested in joining you - pitch your startup's mission, and take their feedback very seriously. Chances are, they know the situation much better than you, and can offer not only money but a whole lot of valuable advice.

    Alternatively, you could also go on platforms like AngelList and source for potential investors there, however, it'll probably be a lot harder to get someone's attention.

    I also like the idea of applying to Y Combinator, 500 Startups, other accelerators or business plan competitions. All these are great ways to get started, and get some money & advice early on. 
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    Mohit ChauhanMohit Chauhan subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member

    There are several ways to find an investor and get noticed too! These are some of the options I considered while fundraising for my business:

    1. Networking & Referrals: If you know of other founders of companies similar to your niche in the industry who have found investors, ask them for referrals
    2. Online Resources:  With online websites, you can be sure of establishing some sort of credibility. The easiest way is by looking specifically for investors in your own market as these websites sort investors by region or industry
    3. Crowdfunding: This is a viable option to maximize the number of potential views by investors in a go
    4. Do your homework: Take an inventory of your immediate network of industry people, and compile a list of investors that they suggest aligning with your vision and goals. 

    Also, you should try tapping into investors in your network, reaching out to them in a low-stakes environment, then laying out your ideas, and asking for feedback. Always try incorporating their advice into your next pitch- this helps, trust me!

    Personally, online websites are my best bid when it comes to finding investors as they provide you with a pool of options to select from! For instance, I was trying to look up for some best real estate investors in my area some time back, and reading up on real estate investing and fractional ownership helped me a lot! I even found an amazing investor in a week, can you believe that? 

    Hope this was helpful, and wish you all the best! :)

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