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Seeking funding for two animation projects starring Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings)

EthanAhlin40EthanAhlin40 subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2016 in Startup Funding
We are filmmakers who as of now are making two animation projects. We are with Lumenas Studios www.lumenas.com. We have an interest from Pipeline Studios as well. They are finding a place for the animation next year (January) for their production slate. Anyway, here are our projects.

The Enigma Chronicles (Formely The Riddles)


Tinkersville is a steam punk style city made up of toys. Within the City's interior lies a school called Para Shkoly. On the outside, it is a magical place filled with wonder and mystery Created by founder and inventor, Ed Tinker., but behind it's doors lies a secret that has been sleeping for hundreds of years. On their first year at Para Shkoly, Mike Riddle and his friends find themselves on a path of danger when they find out that a priceless artifact is stolen from the museum. Now it's up to Mike and his friends to find the artifact and stop the thief before the secret is awoken that could not only ultimately destroy the city, but the world. Join Mike and his friends as they embark upon a dark adventure that could change their lives forever.

In other episodes, they encounter fire breathing dragons, ogres and trolls, The Headless Horsemen, The 4 horsemen of the Apocolypse, Blackbeard's ghost, a dark wizard, an evil immortal chinese emperor, going back in time to the age of camelot and zombies, and more.

We are partnered w ith Lumenas Studios www.lumenas.com. Lumenas is currently working with Walden and Lionsgate. Our budget is 733,500 and attached is Sean Astin (Sam Wise-Lord of the Rings) Drake Bell (Drake-Drake and Josh) Rob Paulsen (Yakko-Animaniacs) Beverly D Angelo (Mrs Griswald-National Lampoons movies) and Daemon Clarke (Jack-Borderlands, Cell-Dragon Ball Z).

Also another project we have about me and my partner,

ERF Show

ERF is an animation tv show about us, our animation doubles. We follow cartoonized Ethan and Richard and their every day lives as they hit every bad luck situation possible whether its at their zany videostore job or at their apartment with their grudge holding suspicious roommate. If it can happen, it will. Along with celebrity cameos, mockeries that include The Clones from Star Wars, Jurassic Barb, and other zany skits, The ERF show is gaurunteed to tickle your funny bone in this wacky animated reality tv show that Ethan and Richard don't even know they are a part of. Join in on the fun. ERF show.

Again we have Pipeline Studios involved www.pipelinestudios.com plus interest from the Utah Film Commission and Purpose Investor Network in Park CIty Utah. Purpose Investor Network is having a meeting with us with the investment head. Also Frederator Studios (Fairly Odd Parents) is working with us as well. Also Bento Box Entertainement www.bentoboxent.com has shared an interest with these projects as they are reiewing.
We are wondering if you have an interest in this with all that is involved. Thank you.

Artwork and other material on request.


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