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Sales tax & Taxation questions for e commerce business

SmartyJonesSmartyJones subscriber Posts: 8
edited December 2016 in E-Commerce
Ok... I finally know what business I am starting. I am getting beyond the initial excitement of starting my own business, now I am actually getting into the reality of everything it takes to get started. Figuring out everything involved with "taxation" has been a HUGE headache.....

My home business will be 100% e-commerce, I live in Texas & I am a sole proprietor. I know that I have to collect sales tax when I make a sale within the state of Texas. I also know that sales tax collected in the state of Texas has to be paid monthly or quarterly. Here are my questions:

Will my product be tax free to the other lower 47 states?
Do I need a EIN number?
I still have a regular job, when filing my taxes at the end of the year, do I file my taxes together (business & regular job)?

I would really love to speak to some experienced entrepreneurs who could give me advice & information on this matter. My name is Dustin, my email is <!-- e -->curlincurlin@yahoo.com<!-- e -->. Send me an email, maybe we can chat through email or swap numbers & chat briefly. I'm not on this site as much as I'd like to be but I do check my email ALL day long. I hope to hear from some people who can help. Thanks!
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