Advertising with a friendly face

kempleykempley subscriber Posts: 1
Apologies for jumping in as a newbie but you seem like the kind of people who`d be interested in a website called FaceRaces which I`ve recently launched.
The idea is to offer people the chance to find out if they have a `winning` face by holding `races` in which up to 200 people compete to see who will receive the most click-throughs from passing surfers. However, the click takes you to a website associated with the face and therefore doubles as a great opportunity to increase the `owners` online exposure - perfect for any startup looking to make the most out of a modest advertising budget. The only catch is you have to publish a picture of yourself but if the site takes off the potential to increase traffic and customers may be a great reward.
Is this different enough from the now somewhat cliche pixel-advertising sites to catch on or will publishing faces prove to be too much of a downside? There has been quite a lot of interest in the few days since we launched but we haven`t been charging much for the spaces.
Your thoughts are very welcome and if anyone is interested please go to</A> and join in the action.


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