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How Are You Preventing Employee Theft?

ridgejoh@2017ridgejoh@2017 subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member
edited January 2017 in Security
For those small business owners who have a physical location and hire employees, how are you preventing employee theft?

I have an included a small list of strategies to help you manage this area:

Pre/Post background checks - You can save yourself time, money, and headaches by conducting a background check on candidates. Also, at least once to twice per year conduct post background checks. Be certain your hiring practices are strict!

Orientation - No matter what size your business, you should have ALL employees go through your orientation process. If you do not currently conduct orientation, now would be a good time to develop one. You would benefit by making your new associate aware of your policy/procedures.

Training - Make certain all employees are clear of their responsibilities, policy, and security procedures/practices.

Policy/Procedures - All policies/procedures must be documented so employees will know how you operate. Have employees sign an acknowledgement form of your policy/procedures as a condition for employment.

Cash and Debit/Credit Card - Have a well documented policy and procedure on how cash, debit/credit card transaction will be handled.

Employee Access - Limit employee access to data, merchandise, and funds. Track all keys, access codes, and internal activity.

In the event you discover employee theft, contact local police, pursue criminal charges, and send a clear message to other employees that theft is unacceptable.
John Ridgeway
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