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Is investment in real estate a good business? Are some of you here engaged in it? Need some experiences from you


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    yeah Real estate business very good business but its very coast able business. But it also respective business. :D :D :D
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    Real estate Land is "property comprising of land and the structures on it, alongside its characteristic assets, for example, products, minerals or water; ardent property of this nature; an intrigue vested in this (additionally) a thing of genuine property, (all the more for the most part) structures or lodging as a rule.
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    It has its pros and cons.

    Pros of Investing in Real Estate

    1. When you invest in real estate, you invest in something tangible. You can look at it, feel it, drive by with your friends, point out the window, and say, “I own that”. For some people, that’s important psychologically.
    2. Real estate investments have traditionally been a terrific inflation hedge to protect against a loss in purchasing power of the dollar.
    3. Income potential. The best reason to invest in commercial over residential rentals is the earning potential. Commercial properties generally have an annual return off the purchase price between 6% and 12%

    Cons of Investing in Real Estate:

    1. Real estate takes a lot of hands-on work. You have to deal with the midnight phone calls about exploding sewage in a bathroom, gas leaks...
    2. Real estate can cost you money every month if the property is unoccupied. You still have to pay taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance, and more...
    3. The actual value of real estate hardly ever increases in inflation-adjusted terms (there are exceptions, of course). This is made up for by the power of leverage.
    4. And this asset is not very liquid. You can't sell it in an hour. 
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    Real estate is a great investment option. It can generate an ongoing income source. It can also rise in value overtime and prove a good investment in the cash value of the home or land that you buy. You may use it as a part of your overall strategy to begin building wealth. However, you need to be sure that you are ready to begin investing in real estate. Unlike other investments, you will need to spend money to maintain and care for your property in order for it to continue to provide a source of income.
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    We have a good number of clients at our accounting firm that owner residential and commercial real estate. 

    Real estate investing can be profitable. 

    A good real estate investment has to do with knowing what a potential property's fair market rental value is vs the sales price or another way to say it is the monthly cost to rent vs the monthly cost to own.  Generally those numbers are pretty close to each other so the only way to make a good real estate investment is to get a good deal on the purchase. 

    To put it another way, "Buy low sell high".

    With that said there is a ton to learn and a blog post is not going to give you what you need.  If you are just starting to look, get on the meetup webpage and look for real estate investment groups in your area and go attend some meeting and just learn everything you can.

    Phillip Zagotti
    Zagotti & Burdette CPA, LLC
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