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jollygreen1969jollygreen1969 subscriber Posts: 1
Hello startupnation! Finally a sane and functional site offering the opportunity to ask very stupid/simple-deep rooted business questions and concerns then get instant, reliable, and very cutting edge responses. Yeah! I`m new at this and at starting up a business. Like `dippy chick` I`m oblivious to the practices of law, accounting and sales tactics, I`m a concept, pretty picture, and fabricator type of guy, with a couple of home products that are ahead of trends in the home improvement/real estate (new construction and upgrades-due to econ down turn) consumer market. I can make them, I need them to come!
My mission statement is `I trust my instincts, respect my talent, hone my skills, and honor my clients`
My profile breifly states my current position. I can provide more info but my ignorance in the above mentioned subjects, handicaps me to not know what to present, let along ask questions, intelegent or not. Help!
1) purchase agreement (legal)  to a potential supplier of raw materials. A sales pitch/contract for a buyer of my product (in mass)
2) seed money-($10,000-25,000) to secure the building (show room/shop/office) and make improvements.
Help David


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    ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi David - welcome to StartupNation, glad to have you as a member of our community!  On the seed money side, I wanted to point out the relationship we`ve established with Prosper.com - it`s a peer to peer financing site built to supply loans right in your wheelhouse (maximum loan amount is $25K).Check out the StartupNation group, and think about creating a loan listing - feedback I`ve gotten over time indicates that it`s best to start with a small loan amount (lean toward the $10K or less area).
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    jollygreen1969jollygreen1969 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for the lead. I`m so frugal and a capable make-it-work-with-what-I-got type of person, I think I could request even less!
    Thanks again. David
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