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Is Your Business a Target For Crime?

ridgejoh@2017ridgejoh@2017 subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member
edited January 2017 in Security
Is your business a target for crime or do you think it could never happen to you? Smaller businesses suffer the greatest impact than larger companies.

Here are several factors why:

Lack of Planning/Experience - Most business owners begin their business based on strengths or expertise in a particular field. This is okay but there must be a focus on protecting every asset of your business from crime. A large number of thefts and frauds occur from within the business.


Conduct pre/post background checks

Educate all personnel on the different types of crime and crime prevention strategies.

Develop and Implement security measures that are integrated into every aspect of your business.

Develop a written debit/credit card handling policy and be sure to include your cash handling policy.

Hire a trusted or referred CPA.

Too Trusting - I have seen where business owners and members of management were too trusting or didn't think one of their employees would steal from them. This approach is dangerous and deserves a business security approach. Employees are not held accountable for their actions and protecting company assets.


Monitor and document employee productivity

Document All incidents of internal/external thefts or attempted thefts

Track any questionable returns/voids/employee purchase, etc.

Monitor inventory

Investigate suspicious incidents involving employees surrounding missing inventory/merchandise/funds

Hold all employees accountable for protecting company assets.

No Clear Written Policy and Procedures: - Show me any business with no clear written policy and procedures and I will show you a business who is a target for crime. Verbal communication is good but does not stand alone. Many small business owners do not have a system in place to mitigate theft, fraud, and embezzlement.


Develop clear written policy and procedures for every department and integrate your security measures across the board.

Review what procedures are effective or ineffective. Keep what is useful!

Update your policy/procedures as needed.

Be clear on job duties and let your employees know what they can and can't do on the job.

Impact of Lazy

Cutting corners , not training, and placing safeguards in place can cause your business to fail on epic levels.

How can you improve your business security practices?
John Ridgeway
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