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Brainstorming for a Second Website

RazgrizRazgriz subscriber Posts: 13
edited November 2016 in Business Planning
Hello everyone, its been roughly six months since I last posted. (Which would also explain if I posted to the wrong page)

That being said, I am now brainstorming for a second website to complement the first (The first is doing well enough that is is paying for itself and for a second site).

My first site is currently built as a everyman's guide to cuisine. Not a very profitable specialization, but one that has a wealth of people.

I've noticed that anything related to fitness has been a big hit at the moment. Plus with the new year fast approaching, anything related to fitness gets a big boost. I'm thinking of starting a second website centered on that topic. The benefit to this is that certain articles can easily be shared between the two. This allows readers to travel between websites which is good. It also builds a few links which is also good.

I'm trying to find the proper edge for such a website. Something that is unique. Being the history / fitness nerd that I am, I pattern my habits off of Theodore Roosevelt (Less gym, more rigorous outdoor activities) I think that this might be a good place to center a new fitness related websites.

So my question is: Think a website based on such a topic could bear fruit?

I think a rooseveltguidetomanlyfitness.com might be interesting though a more catchy name might be in order.
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