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Get feedback for an Idea I am working on to learn better online

pavneet9pavneet9 subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2016 in Website Critique
Hey guys, I have this idea for an app to learn better online. I feel like to do this all we need to study the same in college.

There is too much information overload- So you need to have the best resources to solve a problem or learn something- For this i am think of having a board where people can upvote and downvote resources on a specific topic like "Learn On page seo". People can contribute resources that actually help them solve a problem.

How much we actually remember- So, we need to remember what you learned. I am thinking you can use highlights and notes to remember what you learned on a link and on the problem on a whole, no need to read links again.

Focus on revision- The platform should bring stuff up for revision from time to time. As you have recorded what you learned it is easy to revise. To learn we need to revise content again and again.

Collaboration - As more and more people collaborate i feel the content and revision material will improve hence, the quality will improve, so will the utility of the platform. So, i am thinking of building it like a social network.
I am thinking i can make communities like sub reddits into the platform, have your own classroom.
Any feedback will be helpful, or if someone wants to collaborate, do let me know
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