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Marketing concepts

tommywilkotommywilko subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited November 2016 in Marketing
Hello Startup community,

I came up with a concept whilst I was constructing my own startup. I was looking at ways to reach an audience and hit the ground running with my marketing campaigns.

After talking with a friend, I came to realise that there will be thousands of people in the same position as me in the UK alone! If we engage as a collective and work as a team on all of our projects then we can proactively make our businesses grow.

So I started thinking, if we had a massive group of Entrepreneurs who all wanted to promote their own products in one place then what would stop us working as a team and promoting every individual project? With a focused strategy in mind to collectively get behind each project one at a time and support it with our social interactions.

For example;

Someone is about to post out their paid ad on Facebook and announces it with the group first and we collectively get behind it with likes, comments and shares in a short space of time.

Giving it the best start in life!

We would drive higher engagement with the people we would want to target, as well as picking up potential interest from members in the group along the way. This kind of engagement on your post in such a short period of time would mean that it would get seen by more of your own audience, due to the algorithm in place on Facebook.

We can also bounce ideas around the group regarding the build of our Paid ads before we put them out there to our target audience. Getting the opinions and feedback from your peers.

Everyone in that group would have an army of support from people willing to give it in return for theirs.

I would love feedback on this concept!

I have made a group designed for this on Facebook called The High Engagement Project if anyone wants to join?

I know this looks kind of self promotional but i'm not gaining anything until I ask for support on my startup when it launches in the distant future. Until then I will get behind every startup or business that would love support from the group on their paid Facebook ads.

Thank you.



  • sagrikasagrika subscriber Posts: 4
    How about pitching to entrepreneurs from different fields such as some from email marketing,Seo other from agro businesses or other from e-commerce.You might come up with a great idea with different mindsets.
    Technology has gone so advance that these entrepreneurs are taking this world to beyond.There are so many of them executing terrific ideas, the one I came across with was "Hybrid Email Marketing" in which they offers multiple servers to do email marketing which makes email marketing more productive and effective.
  • Steffi DsouzaSteffi Dsouza subscriber Posts: 98 Silver Level Member

    Every company can have different ideas or philosophy. For example, a particular company can have its idea or philosophy that if the production is done on a large scale, the cost would be less and the product would be sold automatically.

    Under the marketing management philosophy, we shall study the following five concepts:

    (1) Production Concept

    (2) Product Concept

    (3) Selling Concept

    (4) Marketing Concept

    (5) Societal Marketing Concept
  • arjun123arjun123 subscriber Posts: 114 Silver Level Member
    The marketing concept is the philosophy that firms should analyze the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition. Today most firms have adopted themarketing concept, but this has not always been the case.
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