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People You Should Hire For Your Startup

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The world just got hit by a Startup Tsunami lately. Everyone who is either perusing a graduation or doing a job want to start his or her own startup. If you observer the past 2-3 years, there has been so many startups who are rising in the market. Since social networking companies are dominating the most of the ‘Startups’ part, now the entrepreneurs are turning to the different sectors. Each segment which can be related with IT has a startup.

Today, even if you want to start something, you might find one or two already established startups. Now a days it seems pretty tough for any new comers to get an idea for their startup. But the issue is, the more startups are opening their doors to the market the more issues are getting bigger and tougher. According to study only around 5% startups manage to survive the market. But more than 80% startups fails miserably!

Sometimes you get an idea and your energy vibes tells you to start a new company. Based on your ideal future you should be getting funded by some angel investor and make your idea worth multi-million dollar idea. But it won’t just happen overnight. With some entrepreneurs, the dream of million dollars remains only a dream and a wish. But for some entrepreneurs, it gets true. You might be thinking then, what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Is it money? Nope! Is it Idea? Not Every time! Is it People? definitely!

Entrepreneurs forget the most important key of success, ‘People!’, I’m not talking about audience or just random team who will be there at office acting like they are working. I’m talking about the real team members who will take your startup to another level. Let’s checkout the list of people who you should consider hiring for your startup!

The Co-founder

Yep! you need a co-founder. Few entrepreneurs somehow manage to survive and make it to the top without any co-founder. But I would personally recommend to have a co-founder with your startup. Your co-founder may have slight different look out toward your idea but it will surely help you to build your startup. You can always discuss with your co-founder about your ideal thoughts and request a review or even better options. While sharing your idea with your co-founder, make sure he or she has market experience. Before approaching to your co-founder, check his or hers past record of employments. Because it affects a lot on your decision-making. Your co-founder should be sharing your visionary thinking too.

Co-founder will not only help you with sharing thoughts but he or she will be helping you to motivate yourself or may be guide you in some perspectives. Make sure you have only one co-founder, because you know as they say, two is company and three is the crowd.

The Back-end Person

Every startup needs a back-end person who will be handling the root of your startup idea. Make sure you are hiring a person who can perform best in his/her sector. Whether its programming or else, the back-end person will always give you the boosted confidence. Because of uninterrupted back-end support you will be able to perform smoothly with customer. If you don’t have enough confidence on your own designed product then how can you convince someone else to have it?

The Marketing Engineer

No matter what, you should have an expert marketing engineer who will perform the marketing tasks. If you think you can be the expert of marketing then you can perform the marketing tasks, but then you cannot focus on your entire startup. Let the market engineer perform the marketing tasks, which may include from to meet new customers to doing social advertising.

The Intern

Because of the startup culture most youngsters are advised to work in newly established startup. There is a difference between working in a huge company and working in a startup. Once Jack Ma, who is the founder of a giant e-commerce website 'Alibaba', said; If you are working in a giant corporation then you are just another guy, you are just a part of a giant machine. Nothing is going to change in you because there are chances that you might ignore your own qualities. But if you are working in a small company, say a Startup, then your all qualities are challenged, because this time you need perform multiple tasks at the same time. By doing that you learn few things which will later lead you toward your success.

The Advisor or The Mentor

This is where most Entrepreneurs fail, just because of the ego! You need to accept that you are in the process of this business world. Having an advisor or mentor in your startup will definitely boost your business sales as well as your experience. Make sure you are hiring or consulting a super-experienced person. Because that is the only guy who can help you with your startup. With consultant, you can avoid mistakes that most of the entrepreneurs do and save more time.

Now, as a founder, you need to pick those people very carefully. One false move can destroy your dream. You need to pick those early executives very wisely. This time you have to be very picky. Don’t hire a friend just because he or she is your friend. That friend may not be able to understand your dream or vision. Don’t take risks in early stages which can destroy your team. Because your team is your key to your startup success.
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