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What is this called...

WEBWORXWEBWORX subscriber Posts: 2
Hey all - I've been researching templates for my niche and I've found some good ones but it's started me thinking about a helper technology that I'm sure exists but I'm just not aware of - so I'm hoping the SN community can help me connect the dots.

Here is my thinking; within my niche I want to be able to be the branding and marketing that gains referrals for services, then schedules independent workers to provide the service(s).

While I could simply sell services at manage the appointments and scheduling on the back end - something tells me that I can do this in an automated function. I'm thinking possibly there is a booking functionality that allows people to specify their working times (like an agent) then the site would manage booking appointments across those available agents, then would help with the management such as reminding them, having them report when the service is complete, triggering me to follow up with the client or take automated action like generating a payment request, etc.

I'm interested in your thoughts!


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