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How to promote Business on Social Channels ?

AliceArifovaAliceArifova subscriber Posts: 38 Bronze Level Member
edited November 2017 in Business Planning
I am running two type of business in London UK first one is minicabs ,taxis and cabs services in Balham Taxi, tooting and Streatham, and second one is software house can you tell me please how can we promote our business on Social Channels ,


  • bharat.nimblechappsbharat.nimblechapps subscriber Posts: 186 Silver Level Member
    I think you should hire Social Media Consultant or Digital Brand Agency any of them can help you to how to promote your business.
    I am online marketer at Nimblechapps Web Development Company | Mobile Game Development Company
  • RockpapercopyRockpapercopy subscriber Posts: 5
    Yes, social media marketing is the best way to go, especially for your job boards. make sure to connect with people searching for jobs, use the relevant keywords [the same as they would use when searching in Google]. Use the keywords as title posts as hashtags. Join facebook groups, there is plenty of people posting job offers in local Facebook groups - just make sure you stick to the regulations of each group and be as relevant with your content as possible.
  • MikeThatcherMikeThatcher subscriber Posts: 1
    There are just so many things to keep an eye on. Make sure you have enough time to read bunch of quality stuff on Social Media Marketing - since it can cost you a lot if you don't (getting banned form Facebook for example).

    If you cannot do it yourself, I suggest you outsource. It's a growing trend anyhow - you can get a professional from any part of the world and it will definitely be less time-consuming and costly.
    Mike Thatcher,
    Entrepreneur and Blogger
  • Jeff MarlonJeff Marlon subscriber Posts: 71 Bronze Level Member
    By posting relevant material for your target Market.
    Be active n your social Media Channels.
    Post user engaging information to social media pages
    Launch schemes relevant our business program.
  • mansishende123mansishende123 subscriber Posts: 46 Bronze Level Member
    Follow the rules
    Ask conversation-starter questions.
    Share your expertise.
    Provide value.
    Enhance the rewards for virtual check-ins.
    Create a Pinterest board.
    Avoid syndicated messages.
  • McCandlessMcCandless subscriber Posts: 52 Bronze Level Member

    Social Media is one of the most powerful tool in your Marketing Arsenal. To get maximum benefit from social media one should be very clear about what they are trying to achieve , who are their targeted customers, which all platforms and tools to use, and how the direct competition is doing.

    If used correctly one can make a strong connection from their prospective customers.

    Here are few essentials which are used to create a STRATEGY for Social media-

    1. Understand your Goals/Requirement - The first step is where you want to go with your social-media. What is the purpose of your social marketing effort? Do you want more sales? Do you want to increase your Brand awareness? Do you want more traffic on your website. The goals aren’t mutually exclusive but one should focus on one or two.
    2. Create Measurable Goals - Set clear objectives for your goals. The objective should be smart, measurable ,relevant and time based.
    3. Identify your Customers- Targeting right people at the right time is the essence of social media marketing. Once you have goals and objective to achieve, and you know where you are going it is time to identify what source of audience you need. According to your niche, select what type of audience you need and how you can get it.
    4. SWOT analysis- It is a framework for analyzing your products Strength, Weakness, opportunities and threats. Look how your competitors are doing, Where they are posting? What sort of content they are using? Do they always talk about their product primarily or focus on other things? Which platform are they active on ? How often do they engage directly with the customer. If you ignore your competition, you’re giving up a fantastic opportunity to learn from their successes and mistakes.
    5. Develop your Message- Give away the key messages which will resonate with your customers and the niche you have created.This isn’t detailed content; but a vision and a mission of what your brand will actually be about on Social Media. It should be quirky , witty, creative and not boring.
    6. Opting the right platform- Yes, it is important to have your presence on maximum social networks. But choosing the right platform to actively target your audience is necessary. As every social media networks serve different purposes.
    7. Build a Content plan- Develop a strong content calendar that will give you engaging material. Be quirky, witty as much creative you want to be but it needs to be align with your overall messaging and be appropriate for the channels you’re using. This is more than just product information – think about how you can deliver real value to your audience. Use a mix of videos, images, gif ,guides, info graphics and other styles which will help your user engage effectively.

    Hope it Helps !!

  • gambitgambit subscriber Posts: 31 Bronze Level Member

    Facebook Video Ads

    One of the easiest and most common ways to promote a small business is through social media advertising. In recent years, advertising on social media channels like Facebook has exploded among small business owners.

  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    I also agree that social media will help you, but it needs to be taken seriously if you want to get the results from your pages. And it's not only about posting some jokes or your loyalty offers, SM managers involve and engage fans, making them a evangelist of your company. So you need to hire a professional SMM or visit SMM agency. Good luck! 
  • Gregory101Gregory101 subscriber Posts: 51 Bronze Level Member

    You can use social media to promote your business through some of the following techniques:

    1. Post about the product or service
    2. Reach out to potential customers
    3. Ensure that the content is readable and understandable
    4. Ensure consistency by making a planner
    5. Do not post about the company. Rather post about the problem that you would be solving
    6. Make sure that you post at a time that your followers are mostly available.
    7. Generate more videos about the product or service
    8. Share the experiences of former clients and make them write a testimonial that you can use
    9. Post blogs and share them on your page
    10. Share your postings in different groups and communities that are relevant to your business.
    11. Use direct messages
    12. Use adverts on the best performing posts
    13. Create events that educate your potential clients
    14. Understand the strategy of your competition and see what is working for them the most
    15. Keep innovating

    These are some strategies that apply to almost all social media platforms except the 10th one as all platforms do not have groups.

  • CurtisMLeeCurtisMLee subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member

    #1: Turn to Micro-Influencers Who Share Your Brand Aesthetics

    #2: Give People a Way to Share a Laugh at You

    #3: Integrate Brand Advocates’ Social Content Into Your Marketing

  • sandeshsandesh subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member

    One of the important actions of the ad promotion on Facebook is guiding the client to the appropriate web page. This means that if we want to our potential client to have a peek at the items or services on sale there is no aspect guiding them to our Facebook homepage where no info. about the items are available. It is rather essential to provide a link that areas where the customers onto the site where they can either purchase or know about discount rate of new product releases, etc.


  • AenimaAenima subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Social media marketing is a very important thing nowadays for business so you're on the right road. But a high-quality one isn't a simple thing so you should find a professional in this who can promote your company effectively and prevent bans in various social networks, especially Facebook (it's a very strict one in this case). Also try SEO methods too, with such combination your results will be even better. Good luck!
  • salenadamsalenadam subscriber Posts: 99 Silver Level Member
    By using this effective ways to promote Business on Social Channels:
    1.Choose the Right Platforms
    2.Don’t Over-Promote
    3.Build a Community
  • AlbertMethueAlbertMethue subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    General Social Media Marketing Strategies
    1. Create a Social Media Marketing Plan Before you Dive-in
    2. Choose the Right Platform
    3. Share at the Best Times
    4. Layer your Advertising Targeting Options
    5. Deliver Content Consistently
    6. Use Hashtags Strategically
  • McCandlessMcCandless subscriber Posts: 52 Bronze Level Member

    People know that social media is helpful in promoting their business, but most of them don’t know which platform to use for their situation, let alone what messages they should post. While each business is different, similar best practices will apply across the board. Follow these tips for how to use social media to promote your business:

    Use the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

    Business owners are often overwhelmed by the options. Should they use Facebook or Google-Plus? Is it important to have a Yelp page? Does it make sense to have a YouTube presence?

    Each business has different needs. You don’t need to have an account on every social-media outlet. You’re better off only having one or two active accounts than six ones that you don’t touch.

    If you own a restaurant or other food-based business, Yelp is important. Google-Plus, on the other hand, may not make sense. If you’re a freelance graphic designer, you may want to put your energy into Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Don’t Over-Promote

    You want to be on social media to bring in more customers or clients, but over-promoting will hurt your brand rather than enhance it. People get tired of hearing the same message. If you’re constantly telling them how great your business is, you probably won’t get many followers.

    Instead, promote your business only a handful of times while also posting other content. It’s easy to post content that revolves around topics that are relevant to your audience. For example, if you sell umbrella and rainy season is coming, you can support a conversation around staying dry in rainy season.

    Engage Your Audience

    One great aspect of social media that traditional advertising can’t do is that it allows you to engage the audience on a personal level.

    Business owners with an online presence can engage their audiences in new and unique ways. For example, an author might ask followers which book cover they prefer. Or a hair salon can poll followers on which celebrity has the best haircut this summer.

    Provide Value

    With so much information on social media, it might be difficult for customers to sort through what’s useful and relevant to them. Business owners can help by posting a mix of messages, engagement posts, and self-promotion blurbs that will provide value to their customers’ lives. For example: an auto body repair shop posted a link to information about auto recalls and defects. Unlike their regular posts, this post with link received much more interaction from people as they found it relevant.

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