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I really need help with a hiring issue!

artman40artman40 subscriber Posts: 5
We had a situation arise in hiring.  We are currently hiring for two positions.
We offered one position to a young woman who came here from another country.  Today we found she applied for a visa extension but may or may not get it in the 3 months she has left on her current visa.Which means in 3 months she could be gone. I know nothing about immigrations laws other than what I looked up on the internet.  From what I see we could sponsor her for a H-1b visa. If we want to go to that extent.  Because at this point I don`t know enough about if she will work out.
My partner an I both really like her and feel she would be a great asset to our small company.
I would like to take a chance on her. My partner says I am getting too emotionally involved in her personal issues and we should move on.
We spent the last 2 months going through dozens of resumes and over a dozen interviews.  She was the first one I really felt had the raw talent and personality that would help us grow the company. Call it an intuition.
Bottom line, in 3 months she may or may not be here and we would have to start the whole process over. This current interviewing time has really hurt us. Jobs got behind. Marketing has fallen behind. Not to mention the stress!
Since we are hiring for two positions, one idea was to hire the second person with similar qualitfications to move up into her position if she were to leave.  Which, of course, would mean we would have to look for that position.
I am having a very difficult time with this one.


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    artman40artman40 subscriber Posts: 5
    We offered her the job on Monday. She was to get me the signed job offer letter today. She reapplied for her visa today. She called us right after she applied and they had told her they did not know if it would go through in time.So I am not sure if I can write a letter now or not.
    Our first ad got dismal results.  That one was on CareerBuilder and in the local paper.  We re-wrote the ad to be more descriptive and added our logo and put it on monster.  We received over 100 applications.  About 30 were from out of state, so we did not consider those. 
    Those we found had the qualifications or looked interesting we did a phone interview with - or tried to.  If we left a message and they did not call back, we did not pursue.  If they were up to muster on the phone interview we had them come in for a first interview.  From there we narrowed it down to the strongest for a second interview - which was basically a test to see what level they were at and also told us more succinctly if they were exaggerating there talents. We did a total of 6 second interviews.
    We were pretty thorough, I like to think.
    This one woman stood out.  From her enthusiasm to her portfolio to her personality.  She wasn`t as skilled as some others and sometimes her english isn`t the best, but there is just something about her.  Like I said, intuition.
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    artman40artman40 subscriber Posts: 5
    The whole issue boils down to whether I want to put time and training into a person who may be gone in 3 months - and then I have to start over.
    I cannot quantify hiring her for any other reason than a gut instinct.  If I am wrong it causes a big problem for me and my company. It has already caused a big rift between my partner and I.
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    cindy812cindy812 subscriber Posts: 0
    What state do you live in?
    Cynthia Umer
    cindy8125/20/2009 4:09 PM
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