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PR Gig for start up new model. Any ideas

PRGuyDCPRGuyDC subscriber Posts: 20
edited October 2016 in Public Relations
Hello Everyone,

So I have been running a start up and everything was going well until I hit the "exposure is needed" stage. It is the stage where you feel like you hit the roof and you cannot get any further with just SEO and paid CPC. It is the time to shop for "PR".

I went through many PR firms and paid a ton of money for them to do press releases. There was one guy that gave me great advice. Said, "If you want to really save your money and do it yourself, then friend journalists and editors and then you will be able to get your own exposure. He said that this is what PR guys have over anyone else."

I have since done just that, it took me a long time but I have built contacts with many major sites and have partnered with PR writers.

The only difference, is now I am thinking to start this small business where I will only charge if the the client gets coverage, if there is no coverage, then my client does not have to pay.

I know it is hard to sustain great revenue, but I have done it 6 times so far and succeeded around 80% of the time. Given this is not my full time income, it is helping not only myself but also startups that cannot afford expensive PR firms that charge monthly whether or not you get coverage.

What do you guys of this model as a start up and do you see it succeed? Being in the Washignton DC area, it is very easy to find clients and I think this could be great......... Charge if you get exposure, otherwise do not pay. I am even going as far as offering WIKIPEDIA pages and pay if approved. No one offers that but if I do my research right, I can tell whether or not will be approved 95% of the time.

What do you startups think?
A startup Tech Guy who is getting is starting PR on the side with mentality, you pay only if covered.


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