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Online Power Point Presentations and all the "webinar" providers

AxionAxion subscriber Posts: 2
I`m trying to expand the scope of my client base and although I would ideally travel and make initial contact in person it just isn`t in the budget right now.  I would like to give Power Point presentations online and I am looking for a good and inexpensive provider.  I`ve looked at gotomeeting.com and similar providers and they all have a lot of features I don`t need.  I just want to be able to change PP slides as I go through the presentation and them see the slide I want them to see.  Voice communications would be handled by phone.
Google documents will do this for me, although I have to trust them to stay on the slide with me.  They can just as easily jump in and out of the presentation.  They also would have to have a google documents account and I don`t want to require people to sign up for one just to see my PP presentation.  I`ve considered creating a generic google document account for people to use so they don`t have to sign up, but I`m not sure how that would look either.
If anyone has any feedback on a service that will meet these needs I would appreciate the help.  Free would be great, but as always the less expensive the better.


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Another way to handle this is to host the slide show on your web site.
    You can provide the person with the URL (and login if you want) then walk through the slide show with them... you can have them click on "next" to go to the next slide.
    The draw back is the person may click ahead, because they control the slide show.
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    DCCSCSDCCSCS subscriber Posts: 6
    I have been on the receiving end of gotomeeting.com and it was pretty good.  The process of getting there was pretty easy, and the presentation was fine.  If you can get around the google account thing, I believe you can share the doc without giving full privileges to everybody viewing it, which would insure that they don`t skip ahead.  I haven`t tried it, but have done it with other docs that I didn`t want people monkeying with.
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    jensterlingjensterling subscriber Posts: 1
    I have to echo a few people here and say our best virtual online meeting experience has been with gotomeeting. 
    We have 4 accts an on any given day give demos to 1 or 2 to full blow webinars for 200. 
    The service is prompt, educated and professional.  
    The price tag seems high but if you ever do use those "bells and whistles" you seem hesitant about now -- you will find they are inexpensive compared to other vendors.
    I look at online apps a lot and its time consuming to weed thru them all-- smart to ask questions here /no doubt.
    Jen Sterling
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    phantomindeeaphantomindeea subscriber Posts: 3
    I have also used freeconference`s beta program; it appears to work pretty well, although they are probably not as robust as other providers
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    tinnekatinneka subscriber Posts: 1
    I can also suggest yugma.com, if this is still an issue for you. although people do have to sign up/in, there is no cost to either party  for a limited number of participants - and it also offers a telephone conferencing service in addition to online meeting facilities.
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