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Provisional Patent Alternative Use of Invention

mellotangomellotango subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2016 in Protecting Your Ideas

I recently submitted a patent pending invention for a versatile mobile cabinet platform for the leisure industry. When I submitted by provisional patent, most of the write ups were geared for the use of this equipment in the leisure outdoors. However, there are sections in the provisional patent descriptions where you can specify 'alternative embodiments' or 'alternative use'. In the alternative use section, I tried to cover my area of usage by including mini mobile food truck. I however, forgot to include a few more alternative use areas which is "mobile kiosk for product display" or "mobile tool box cabinets", or etc. My question is, do I need to submit a new provisional patent to cover the few more alternative use areas simply as I forgot to mention them? Because I still have one year to submit my final non-provisional patent, and I was wondering if I could have those alternative uses added to my non-provisional patent submission when my one year deadline is up? The architecture of the invention remains the same for all these alternative use areas, and there is no need to change the construction assembly. Or will my non-provisional patent submission due in a year's time automatically protect my invention for all types of industry usages?

Your feedback and advice is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards<
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