Please give me a few recommendations to enhance search traffic on my website?

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My website search traffic is very low..So please audit below website and give a few recommendations to enhance search traffic.


  • PhillipsPhillips Posts: 68subscriber Bronze Level Member
    There are various practices by which we can enhance traffic on websites such as social referrals, SEO but my personal favourite is Email Marketing, which is a way better than these.It gives us genuine leads and also drives traffic.I use Easysendy Pro for email marketing which is proved very effective to my organisation.
  • Randi MillerRandi Miller Posts: 20administrator Bronze Level Member
    I would add some alt text to all images on the site. Really, there isn't much more that you could do other than start blogging and gaining natural links back to your site.

    I would suggest that you ask some people that blog in your field of expertise if you can do a guest blog and add a link back to your site. Add a blog. There isn't much you can do for SEO when it comes to a corporate 5-page site. Content, content.......well content. Google can't index words unless the words are there and plenty of them.
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    Definitely set up a blog and start posting regular content related to your industry, make sure to interlink your posts.
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