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Reasons you need executive search recruiter?

JulienJulien subscriber Posts: 44
edited October 2016 in Business Planning
My company is hiring a general manger, should we go contact a executive recruitment agency?


  • Charlie PCharlie P subscriber Posts: 84 Silver Level Member
    It really depends on your business. If you are needing to bring someone in from outside of the company and don't have the time for someone in the company to do the initial vetting, then yes it would be a good idea so that you can concentrate on the few that make the cut. Personally, I feel that it is best for the company to do the process from start to finish. The reason is that the professional recruiter may eliminate someone that really fits the company culture and could really click with the team, but doesn't have all the boxes checked that you put out there.
  • TSlinf24TSlinf24 subscriber Posts: 3
    I think it really depends on your company's situation. However, it is true that outsourcing an executive recruitment agency can save lot of energy, time and money for your company, I can list out several benefits below.

    1. Hire the right person at one time
    Executive Recruiters have access to the best executives on the planet. Usually HR people tell you,"We got this." They don't! They do not have the connection. For the record, there are some top notch HR executives, however most are overwhelmed with personnel issues and not equipped to do executive search.

    2. Identify the right person
    Many companies ignore this completely. Big mistake. Candidates don’t put their alcohol, drug and gambling addictions on their resumes. We are not talking about one or two people. I can rattle off the names of a dozen million dollar executives with major personal issues. Executive Recruiters have intimate knowledge of their candidates. In my case, I have known most of my executives for 10 to 20 years. I know their families, their hobbies, their positive and negative qualities. I can quote the hiring company scripture and verse on each one.

    3. Executives don’t apply online
    Anyone that tells you “great” candidates apply online is wrong. Our executive search consultants assure you that million dollar “C” level executives don’t cruise LinkedIn looking for a job. They are gainfully employed. Inaccessible. Unobtainable. The Executive Recruiter has access and can make the phone calls to the right candidates.

    4. Save time, save money
    You may think it’s cheaper to let HR place Monster.com ads, but remember one thing — you can get more of everything in life except time. Would you rather run the business or sort through the resumes of unqualified candidates? Is it worth it to have an Executive Recruiter save you a hundred hours of interview time by providing the three best candidates? If you hire the wrong person on your own and they leave after six months, how much does that cost? In the long run, it is more cost-effective to hire the right person the first time around.

    If you have any questions for executive search or recruitment, contact me personally or visit my company Talent Spot
  • david14beckdavid14beck subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
    Finding an appropriate personnel for your organization is a difficult in today's era because companies are competing with each other for finding top talent. It consumes times and money to hire candidates according to company's requirement. So, it is best option to hire an recruiter consultant for this.The various reasons of hiring a recruitment agencies are as below:
    They are personally connected to the people required by organizations.
    They have quick access to database full of information with candidate profiles.
    They know how to play the game.
    They have a faster and more accurate filtering mechanisms.
    They have skill of talking to people about their next career move and convincing them that it is with her client.
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