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Lifetime Educator wants out!

brodgers25brodgers25 subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Selecting a Business
I`m brand new to this site, ran across it while searching at work.
I`ve been in Education for almost 20 years.  Physical Education and counseling in high schools here in the US and abroad in Asia.  I am burned out and want out......fast.
Always wanted my own place but don`t know what it is or where to look.  Not much job transfer from PE.  I can really blow a whistle, but what does that get me??
Anyway, thinking of a sporting goods or batting cage type venue.  Also thinking of a Juice or Coffee place but we will settle in the NW where coffee places are on every corner.
Would love to hear from former teachers or anyone else who has made the leap from a professional unfulfilling career into something that they can manage themselves.
Thanks for the time.


  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    "Not much job transfer from PE" ...  I would have to disagree.
    How about contract physical therapy? Maybe working with some established PTs? I don`t know, haven`t researched, but if in your shoes, I would.
    Personal coaching kids that parents want/think/believe they are the next Michael Jordan. This is high-end territory - where any one needs to be.
    Personal coaching executives in physical fitness - this is BIG business and pulls in BIG dollars. Personal coaching on any level is BIG.
    This is just starters. "Not much job transfer from PE" ... I disagree.
    Get busy. Research. Brainstorm out of the box. Expand your "Mastermind Group". Think high-end. Think people with money. Think under-achieving kids. Think over-achieving executives. Think you can blow a whistle in an executive`s ear at 5 am in the morning? I think you can for the right money
    Go for it!
  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    There is a good article in Entrepreneur mag this month about a new coffee/juice bar concept catering to teenagers.  You should check it out.  Very cool and original concept.  I looked on-line but they are changing the website and it is under construction. 
  • SolidGrndSolidGrnd subscriber Posts: 11
    I am in the NW...and I have to slightly agree and slightly disagree with your comment about the coffee or juice idea. Although there is a coffee shop on EVERY corner (which I agree)...they all do great business. What you might do...if this is something you are passionate about...is find a way to make yourself different from the others that could potentially draw their business towards you. I once wanted to open a coffee house here in the Portland area...and I wanted to model it after coffee houses on the east coast that cater to the bagel craze out there. It is sooooooooo hard to find a good bagel in this area. So a place that had a good cup of joe and a fantastic bagel...I would be a regular...better believe it! Make it so I could have a breakfast bagel sandwich and you would have me there every morning....make it so I could have a lunch bagel sandwich...and you would have me sold for life!!!  
    The market might be saturated with coffee houses...but surprisingly there still seems to be PLENTY of room for one more...especially if you have a fresh idea!
  • CreativeGalCreativeGal subscriber Posts: 2
    I have to agree with Keycon about the opportunities out there.  Just as an example, if you were to visit Fort Lauderdale Beach early on a saturday morning, you`d see yoga classes, swim classes, and even a military boot camp style workout, all going on at the beach.  That`s just in one spot in the country.  I would think you can design your own career once you decide what is important to you.  You have some awesome skills/experiences, so if it is what you love do to, the sky is the limit for you! CG
  • brodgers25brodgers25 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the advice and encouragement guys!
    It`s tough to "break out of the box", so to speak, after putting in so much time in one area.
    The possiblities are out there, thanks for giving me a jump start.
    I`ll continue to follow this forum, it`s very good!
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