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Does anyone have experience marketing through  If so, I would be grateful if you could share your experience (what worked, what didn`t, etc.).If you haven`t advertised through valpak mailers, I am also interested in customer feedback.  Example: If you receive these mailers every month, do you even bother opening it and scanning the content?  The customer segmentation is very attractive and seems like a worthwhile partnership.  Seems like would need to do tons of market research (test messaging, design) and conduct pilots before I could expand the campaign to get the best bang for the buck.Thanks!
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    Great.  Open to other suggestions.  I`ve also been experimenting with online marketing (i.e., free online classifieds, online chat boards, squidoo).  
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    I haven`t used Valpak for marketing purposes as it probably wouldn`t be the most efficient for the business I am in.  However, as a consumer, it`s a hit or miss thing.  Sometimes the whole envelope gets thrown out and other times I`ll quickly scan through it.  The one`s I tend to use are coupons for restaurants/food.  I like to eat haha.  Seriously though, I`ve noticed that for some industry types that advertise in Valpak there seem to be 3-4 coupons/ads for the same industry.  Depending on what you are marketing, it may be a good source, especially if you are a unique business type within the mailer.  Just like print media in magazines, I`m sure it`ll take a couple of runs with Valpak before you can do any major analysis on it`s effectiveness for your business.
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    Also keep in mind, it`s usually housewives that look through these may want to cater to the female crowd.  To make yourself stand out, you may want to study some copywriting and put an overt attention grabbing headline 
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