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Hey, I`ve been reading the board for a while, but this is my first time posting. I was hoping someone with some knowledge on this subject could help me out. I am setting up a laundry service for college students and I`m looking for a way to keep track of accounting easier. I am running a few different schools, so keeping track of all the bags that will be going back and forth to the laundromat can get tricky. I thought that there might be a way to have barcodes put on the bags and that way they could be scanned at the laundromat after they have been weighed and everything. Do you think this would be possible? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hey thanks! I`m just wondering if a barcode can give me the information that I need. Like, how much each bag weighed in at the laundromat. I`ll try to do some more research on google.
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    Barcodes are usually pre-existing numbers that your employees associate with a record in a database.  So your barcode can mean whatever you want it to mean.  Of course, anything is possible if you`re willing to develop custom bar code creation software, however typically your barcodes will come in rolls with barcodes in sequential order already printed out.  Your employees assign data to the preprinted barcode in your business` software.
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    The experience that I`ve had with the type of service you`re talking about is that the business assigns a number to the customer and then counts the number of pieces of clothing.  The business then prints out that many washable labels (labels have the assigned customer number printed on them) and staple them to the clothing.  All the numbers are used for is to identify the clothing as the customers if it becomes separated from the bag.  From what I understood, the clothing was actually washed in the bag to keep it together (I don`t know that for sure though), it was just separated by color/temperature etc.  The bags were a very light mesh.  Anyways, I know that has nothing to do with barcodes, just wanted to share my experience with that type of service.
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    We have used a ton of different barcoding drivers and software in conjunction with our products over the years.  There are a number of great companies out there that can help you.  We list many of them for use with our products on our Hardware page located at</A>.  All of them work well in just about any situation.  When you are looking for drivers and software for barcodes you might also want to check out Seagull Scientific on the Hardware page above.  Our clients tell us they are the best and we find they are trouble free ourselves.
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    Lots of good insight & direction here.  Can I ask a question of the barcode experts?  What is the difference with using an in-house barcode software for products & registering a true UPC?  Are there compliance issues when it comes to the sale of products?Thanks!
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    A great explanation with links about UPC barcodes can be found at</A>.   All barcode software that supports printing the UPC numbers will do it in the proper format after you obtain one for each product.
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    Thanks for the resource & input.  Have a great day!Best,Christine
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     I work for a Family owned Labeling company, We do all kinds of pressure sensitive labeling. We have 3 Flexo-graphic presses and do all kinds of 4 color process work. We have an in house graphic design department and can help you with anything you many need in the labeling world. We have an inventory of over 3,000 die sizes and work with many companies on the east cost with there labeling. Medical labels, Food Labels, Barcodes, 1/2 Printed labels, Thermal transfer machines, 4 Color process Printers and thermal transfer ribbon. Blank Labels and shipping labels.
    We work with compaines such as Datamax and Zebra and use software programs like Labelview and Bartender and many others.
    If you need a quote on a Blank label or a current label or need to logo your company with a label contact me my name is David Prince and I can be reached at 845-416-4815 again we are family owned and have been in business for 48 years.  
    If you have a product that you are trying to sell to stores or something I can help you with just let me know, I have tons of Food store contacts on the east cost and can put you in touch wiht the right people.
    David Prince
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    The solution to your problem is very simple, it just depends on if you want to print the barcodes your self or have someone else to do it for you. Depending on your budget you can by a very simple tabletop thermal transfer printer and some cheap software to create the barcode, this option of course would be cheaper in the long run but it depends on how many labels you are printing. Also the ideal way way to set up your application is to start assigning all of your customers with a barcaode to go along with their name and contact info that way when they bring in their bags all you`ll have to do is scan the barcode for that customer and you will know excaclty who its for and what location its coming from ultimately preventing the loss of garments which in return saves you money in the long run. 
    The software available these days makes it very easy for someone as youreself to create and print barcodes. You will also need a scanner at each location, and if your networked in some way or another you will be able to communicate from store to store by just scanning the barcode and tracking where any given bag is at any given time. 
    Example: A customer walks in and hands you a bag with their pre-assigned barcode tag with their information on it, you scan it, the information on that customer automatically populates your label software and creates an instant barcode just type in they quantity of their garments, press print and slap it on the bag. Once that bag goes to the cleaning center they scan the barcode wich shows who its for and how many items they have therefore preventing lost garments. When the cleaning is over and the bag returns to the pick up location just look at the label make sure the number of garments being picked up matches the barcode and you have a happy customer. It may sound complicated for the 10 seconds it takes to scan, print and send off the bag, you are drastically reducing the probability of human error.
    A cheap printer that I suggest to you is a Tharo V-Series tabletop Thermal Transfer Printer thats compact, durable, has a low cost of ownership and is more than capable of handling small applications such as yours. Labels stock and ribbons or cheap, A decent label stock will cost you inbetween two and three cents a label and ribbon is about three dollars a roll and you`ll get about three thousand labels out of each roll. Software prices depend on the amount of users in your case the amount of locations, and a standard USB laser scanner will run you about $250 tops.   
    Or you could just outsource them instead of printing them inhouse but for your customized application you will need a label thats more personalized to your locations and customers and a printing company will charge any where from seven to ten cents a label tripling your cost. 
    If you want to learn more go to my website we offer all of the software, printers and support needed to get your application up and running. I will personally walk you through everything the website is</A> and I wish you the best of luck with your desicion.
    Thank You,
    Dustin B. 
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    Barcodes can be used by small business owners so as to verify the product details after or on delivery, you can look for software to develop barcode for different products, labeling software are also available to help you in this regard.

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