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Here's how you can save hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.

Because today's businesses rely on VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to stay connected, the relationship between "connectivity" and "mobility" is taking on a whole new meaning. It's not just about telephony anymore. It's about keeping tabs on web-based portals, interacting with customers while on the move and extending office communications far beyond the confines of the office.

Teltik Communications offers a state-of-the-art office PBX platform with powerful features that allow team members to stay connected wherever opportunity presents itself. Coupled with a mobility partner, using a solid network infrastructure, and aggressively pursuing the small to mid-sized business sector, Teltik Communications is the answer to all your telecommunication needs.

Creating your Teltik account and placing your first order, gives you a special telecommunications business package - a bundle of two powerful and cost-effective products.
1. Wireless service with unlimited talk, text, and data on the fastest growing nationwide 4G LTE network, for as a low as $25 a month.
2. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) cloud-phone system with a customized virtual receptionist that will give your business a great first impression.

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    Many websites offer virtual numbers, so be careful about choosing one.

    You should never do business with a provider that has a  bad rating or don’t have a contact phone number.

    I use  they are not the cheapest but the price is reasonable considering they offer free VPBX phone system and you can actually talk to someone from customer service and the call quality is great

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    I think telecommunication is very important for Business, we will avoid misunderstanding with customers, it helps us understand what they want, what they need well :)
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