Do you sit on the computer/mobile device for hours?

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Hi everyone,

This is a public service announcement to anyone who uses their computer/laptop/mobile/tablet for hours.

There is a massive risk called RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

The problem with RSI is that it starts with minimal pain/discomfort, your body seems normal...

Until it suddenly evolves into bigger problems (ex: tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome) which can evolve to permanent and disabling problems!

If you are having ANY pain/discomfort no matter how little, DO NOT IGNORE IT.

The solution at the beginning is fairly simple:

- Fix your posture! Do not lean over the laptop or computer, do not sit in awkward positions while browsing your mobile devices.

- Use an ergonomic keyboard / mouse.

- Most importantly: do stretches and do them often (every 20 minutes).

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