Swimwear Suppliers?

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    That idea has crossed my mind. FIDM is here in the LA area. It is another step in the process though.
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    I sort of re-thought the whole China thing. After taking a good long look at all the clothing in my house made in China I have come to the conclusion that they are acceptable as manufacturers. I was going on the advice of a couple others and I don`t really think it`s valid advice anymore.
    So does anyone know how I can locate the manufacturers of Billabong and Quicksilver clothing in China?
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    I`m in the process of starting my own online swimwear/bikini company. I`m not interested in a resale program of someone elses product. I am interested in creating my own line or the re-branding of an existing brand with my brand name. I am not criticizing, I am asking.  Is your plan to place an order to Billabong or Quicksilver and have them send you an order of bikinis with no label, and then attach your own brand on there to sell them?  I just want to make sure I understand you business model.
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